Wolves, Sheep, Sheepdogs and Mutts… Oh my!!

I really wasn’t going to write yet another article concerning my opinions about the article by Col. Dave Grossman (ret.) speech. There are so many articles and so many opinions but mainly I both agree and disagree with the premise of his thesis. I agree mostly with the theory of the sheepdogs protecting against the wolves that prey so easily against the sheep. I don’t agree that the only protectors of the weak are the military, police, smoke eaters. I subscribe through personal experience as well as observation that this is just not at all the case in today’s society. In fact I believe that many of the authoritarian positions are just as likely to prey on the weak and tend to punish the “civilian” sheepdogs. This fact was evident in Katrina, Ike, Watts, Chicago, LA, DC and many other incidents that were not made public by the complacent media outlets. These incidents did occur and were largely ignored.

I was getting another article proof read for a news paper and I was told that I should not refer to the weak minded humanoid forms as “sheep” or “sheople” because it might turn some new readers off and inflame some of the regular readers. I was asked why I did this. I replied “It is a term derived by a thesis put forth by retired Col. Dave Grossman.” Grossman presented his speech to the Naval academy and it became widely referred to as the argument for the role of the military police and fireman being the only one capable of protecting the unable or the unwilling masses to protect themselves.

You can read the Grossman theory at www.grossmanarticle.com but in brief the premise goes like this. The sheep are the masses of people who cannot or will not take a stand. They need the military police firemen and other first responders to protect them for the ravenous wolves who prey on the weak. Without these authorities the wolves would have a feast upon the bones of the people who act like sheep a.k.a. “sheople.” I do somewhat agree, but to say they are the only lifeline that they sheople have is absolutely incorrect. The Japanese did not opt out on the invasion of the continental US because they feared our military, police, or any first responder for that matter; they opted out because “There is a gun behind every blade of grass!” This is clear evidence of the power of the people! Should there be those that choose not to defend themselves then maybe they deserve to fall victim to the wolves.

I believe Grossman should amend his thesis to include the mutts of our society. The ones the government now calls the threats to our civil obedience. These Mutts are to include but not limited to Any prior military personnel, any police officer, and those who did not serve in any of these capacities they may have voted against the current administration or simply just wake up and go to work and pay their taxes, feed their families, and make a conscious choice to provide for their families believing the pursuit of happiness is a right not a guarantee. The shameful, evil mutts of our society who dare to believe their family and community is their personal responsibility and they embrace this responsibility without reservation. These also means taking responsibility for the protection against the wolves, other sheep and yes even the authorities that abuse the powers entrusted in them by the very communities that they profess to serve and protect.

Do not miss understand me or my intent I absolutely believe the military, police and the first responders have a job to do. The majority serve out their duties with unquestionable honor. Grossman makes a blanket assumption that everyone that serves in an authoritarian capacity is the only ones qualified to provide the protection needed to keep our society safe. This is where I have disagreed with retired Col. Grossman since I first heard his speech. As a person who served this country in a capacity know only by a select few it would be easy for me just to agree and move on but It has always stuck in my craw because it is wrong.

Maybe I am naïve but in my opinion not enough credit is given to the populous. We have been dumb down and told that we are weak and not to worry because the Government is our protector our police are here to protect and serve. Well that statement reminds me of another “When seconds count the police are only minutes away!” This is not a popular thing to write and most papers will not print this because it does not conform to what we are programmed to believe. Until martial law is declared the military is even further away as for first responders they are only going into places that have been deemed safe enough for them to enter.

So, where doth that leave us?

While the “sheepdogs” are out protecting and serving what would be deemed as vital strategic areas in a (SHTF) scenario, i.e. not your neighborhood! The Sheep and the wolves are left to their own devices. When the wolves are preparing to feast upon the bones of the weak, the sheep are scattered paralyzed with fear wondering when they will be sent the protection promised them. Alas, there is another creature stirring about this night. The mutt’s are quietly putting their preparation plans in action.

Reality of the situation finally takes hold for the sheople and it is just you, the wolves and ME. Now is a good time to pray that my intent is noble today because I am a mutt the one factor Grossman left out of his equations. I am the guy who has been specially trained by Uncle with active war time tactical knowledge. I have real-time battle experience and advanced first aid training for my survival and to help other survive in scenarios that require a Scooby doo bandage to severe trauma that Scooby can’t do! I have experiences that most have only seen in movies. To you, I am the “Grey Man” the simple mechanic, farmer, sales associate, business professional, roofer, mailman, dentist, welder, utility worker or some other tradesman.

I am just a fella and his family described as nice people that smile and wave when you pass by as we work in our yards.

I can grow my own food, raise animals, hunt and fish and survive in lean times. I can put a fire out on your behalf but probably won’t. While the Police and the State activated National Guard are away doing something more important than providing security for neighborhoods. I am the mutt that has to decide whether it is more prudent to let the wolves use your chin bones as ash trays or if you have something redeemable enough about you to engage the enemy no matter who “they” are. Sound like harsh talk? How about un-feeling? Is this just Bravado coming from an internet tough guy sitting behind a keyboard expounding what he thinks is prolific knowledge that you are entitled to? By the way you are welcome.

It is harsh talk and it needs to be said. It is unfeeling because compassion is a virtue but under what scenario is it to be shown? Will you show it when the time comes? Do you have the knowledge to know when to engage the wolf on the behalf of the sheep like a sheepdog or walk away from the unwary sheep and leave them to the ravenous wolves because the sheep was too stupid to stay with the flock under the protection of the sheep dog or even better a generously kind MUTT?

Salty Dawg


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