6 point grid mapping system – Author Sara Hathaway

One of our staff found Sara Hathaway through a couple of blog sites and said “you have got to listen to this lady, she is a fireball”. So I listened to her and did some more research. Although she admits that she is from the land of fruits and nuts, I liked what I heard. It goes to prove that there is something good can come from that crap hole state. i like her style.

6-Pt Grid System

This is something that an old survival instructor, Doug Huffman from Sierra School of Survival, showed me that is really cool. This system has been used by the military for generations because it is unique to the creator and their group. Only you will be able to read your code so you can freely share your coordinates but only you and your group will know the meaning of it.

Let’s get started. The first thing you will need is identical maps for everyone in your group. Then you put it in a clear plastic casing so it is protected but also if you write your code directly on the map anyone who finds your map will be able to decipher your code.

Next you make a grid system that overlays the entire map:

Imagine your map is under this grid. The star marks bugout point A

After you have your primary grid laid out you want to then divide each individual box into 10 segments (below is a blown up view of square 87-09)

Notice that the Star is at 5-5. So bug out point A would be at the coordinates 875-095.

After you have this grid system fit to your map you can choose whatever point you want to for a meeting spot. If your group gets to that spot and it is compromised. They can leave the rest of the group clear coordinates to go to that are visible to everyone but only the ones with the same code will know where that point is.

It is always a good idea to have multiple spots marked out for your group in advance. You can’t be sure what will happen and what spot will be safe.

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