The Fallacy of Home Storage and Surviving in Place Revisited

The Fallacy Of Home Storage and Surviving In Place Revisited

Kenneth D. Nunn

A few days ago on one of the other survival websites there was a thread discussing whether a person was going to try and survive an event or as they term it, when TSHTF, at home or bug out to some other location. Although I have given my opinion on this subject in the article “The Fallacy of Home Storage and Surviving in Place” because of recent events I feel I need to revisit that subject. This a subject, as you will see, I am very passionate about.

One of the recent events is, of course, hurricane Sandy and the FEMA and Red Cross debacle following the event. Just think if these folks had home storage and had planned to survive in place? First let’s look at the Folks that still have a home and are now back in them. I would assume most people that practice home storage, if they have a basement, store their supplies there. In which case, other than canned goods, all were destroyed or rendered unusable due to flood waters. The same for the food items that were stored in a freezer, these foods were also lost unless they were one of the lucky ones that had a generator and could get fuel. Now how about the many Folks whose homes were lost to fire, all of their storage items were lost. Then there are poor souls who house were destroyed by wind, flood or whatever, they lost everything also. Of course there were many location where even if their house was not destroyed, the area was quarantined and they were unable to get to them. Now it’s been a couple weeks and there are still large areas under quarantine. The Folks that had home storage lost or were unable to retrieve their supplies. Would these Folks have not been better off if they had their storage supplies cached somewhere other than their homes?

Now let’s look at defending your residence. If you are familiar with the Preparing to Survive concept then you know we always look at the worst case scenario, otherwise what is the point? You wouldn’t buy auto insurance to cover only a minor accident nor would you buy home insurance to cover only a small fire. Prepare for the worst case and anything less will be easier to contend with.

The worst case event, in our opinion, will occur when the U.S. loses the power grid, for whatever reason, which results in a cascading effect that destroys the U.S. infrastructure. Now this will in turn lead to anarchy throughout the U.S. Gangs and Mobs will undoubtedly be roaming the cities, then move to the suburbs and then the countryside taking what they want along the way. Many people have what I feel is the mistaken idea that they can stock enough supplies and armament to hold up in their house for an indefinite time. This is a life threating mistake. There are a number of reasons surviving in place long term will not work. I discuss a number of these reasons in my article on The Fallacy of Home Storage. For this article I am going to concentrate on defending your home.

In talking with people, while researching for my books, I discovered two things common with people who plan on surviving in place. First, many think they don’t have any other option. Second, and more importantly, they don’t understand what they will be up against. To the first point there are other better options, I would ask you to please click on the following link for more options as to where to evacuate. Link Here

Right now let’s look at what you would be facing if you chose to defend your home.

As I am sure you know there are not very many people in your neighborhood who are stockpiling supplies. This means when an event occurs there are going to be a lot of your neighbors that get hungry shortly after the event occurs. What do you suppose is going to happen once your neighbors start getting hungry, especially when their children get hungry, and they realize you have food? Word will get out that you have food, never mind how, word will get out. You know what is going to happen, first they will begin knocking on your door and asking for food. Could you turn them away if they had children that were starving? If not, soon word would get out, and then you would have to give food to everyone in the neighborhood. Soon you would be without food. If you don’t give them food then they will return. Next they will come knocking on your door begging for food, and then they will come knocking on your door and demanding food. Then when they really get hungry they will gather together, knock your door down and take your food. How many of your neighbors will you be willing to kill in order to keep your food? It really wouldn’t matter because there will be a lot more of them than there are of you and they will get your food. Remember, these people will be watching their children and wives starving to death. Desperate people do desperate things. Just put yourself in their shoes. What if your kids were starving and your neighbor had food, would you go and get your kids some of their food?

Some people think I am exaggerating the situation when I talk of starving kids. If you really believe that starving kids are beyond the realm of possibilities then why would you be stockpiling foods? Starving kids, as well as adults, will be an all too common occurrence when an event occurs. Just look at hurricane Sandy. What would have happened if that had been a nationwide event? When a nationwide event occurs there will be no food brought in. You will be on your own.

Now, back to defending your house. Defending your house from your neighbors will, in all likelihood, be the least of your worries. Defending your house from Gangs and Mobs will be your biggest problem. If you live in a large city or the suburbs of a large city then you won’t have to worry about your neighbors, these Gangs and Mobs will have gotten to you before the neighbors get desperate enough.

As I said earlier, when an event occurs it will undoubtedly result in widespread anarchy. There will be no communication which means there will be no authority of any kind. Police, firemen, National Guard and even the military have acknowledged this fact. Without communications no one will be in charge, these people will be unable to function. Police and the National Guard will be outnumbered. Police, National Guard and Firemen will go home and take care of their families. They will recognize they are outnumbered and in most cases outgunned. You will be on your own.

When an event occurs there will be hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people stranded away from home. These people, for the most part, will become homeless. Add these people to the thousands that are now homeless and you will have an astronomical number of people on the street. These people will be panicked, desperate, and alone. Most of these people will be forced into joining Gangs or Mobs in order to survive. They will have no idea how to survive on their own.

Now let me give my explanation of a Gang and a Mob. First a Gang is a group of people that is organized and has a leader. A Mob is a group of people that has no organization nor has a true leader. Gangs are much more dangerous, in the long run than a Mob. Mobs will be more dangerous short term.

When there is an event Mobs will gather almost instantly. A number of these people will be the people that were left stranded in a strange place by the event. They will be alone and afraid. Mobs will also be made up of the homeless and street people. Most will be alcoholics or drug addicts. Most of the danger from Mobs will be in looting stores. Mobs will be of little threat to the urban areas. They will loot, taking anything they find but mostly food, drugs and alcohol. They will have no purpose, they will just be reacting. Many will be killed by Gangs that are competing for the loot. Once they have looted and stripped the stores of liquor and drugs most will simply starve, die of disease, die of overdose or kill each other.

Gangs are where the problem will be. They will have a purpose. They will also be looting. However the Gangs, with smart leadership, will recognize the opportunity they have. These Gangs will also be after drugs and alcohol but will also be after weapons and ammunitions. They will target sporting goods stores and National Guard Armories, even police stations. The situation will be fun and games for them, like a video game come to life, at least for a while. There will be gang wars for territory just like in the movies. They will realize they can have anything they want. All they have to do is go get it. They will in fact be running the cities. Cities will become war zones.

This activity will continue for a short period of time, until they start running out of ammunition, drugs and alcohol but especially food and water. In a very short period food will become very scarce. Supermarket shelves will have been emptied within a couple days after the event. There will be no new supplies of food shipped in. Water will have become scarce also, without electricity there will be no municipal water supply. Any raw water that wasn’t contaminated before the event will be in a couple days. Thousands will become sick and many will die from this contaminated water.

Once these Gangs realize there is no food and water available in the cities then they will start spreading out into the urban areas. They will spread like a cancer, taking what they want. They will have no choice, this is the only way they can live, and they don’t know how to live off the land. This will be the danger to Folks who have chosen to survive in place. Make no mistake about it; you will now be the target of these Gangs. They are now human predators; they can only survive by taking from people like you.

Defending your home from these Gangs will be an impossible task. This has been proven time and time again. If you are holed up in most any building and especially residence, trying to defend it, then you are basically putting yourself and family in a trap. There is simply no way to keep an outside force from overrunning it. I know there are a lot of Folks that don’t want to hear this but it is an undeniable fact. No matter how many people are in the residence or how well armed they are they will be defeated by a determined Group.

There is another recent event that is evident of this fact. The Benghazi Embassy is a case in point. From all accounts there was not a very large force of bad Guys that over ran both the Embassy and the CIA annex. The Embassy was located inside a walled compound. I can’t find out if the CIA annex was inside a compound or not, but most likely it was. Embassy personnel were well armed, even to having machine guns mounted on the roofs. From the reports I have seen there were thirty Embassy and CIA people including ex- Seals and Special Ops personnel. All of these assets and they were able to hold out only seven or eight hours. The sad part is they knew they could not defend the locations. They had previously stated as much. Now I ask you, given that they had a compound, military weapons and some of the best trained fighters in the world and couldn’t defend their location how in the world could a regular Guy with regular weapons expect to resist an armed Mob or Gang in a residential house? The compound was pretty much built of fire proof material or they wouldn’t have survived as long as they did. All a Group would have to do would be to set fire to your house. They could easily throw a Molotov cocktail through a window or on the roof of your house.

Think about the mental effect on your family if a Group is trying to gain entrance to your house. Let’s assume you have a wife and couple of children with you, or better yet let’s assume your Brother’s wife and three kids are staying with you and your family. Now, how are they going to react when people start firing through the windows and the walls? What most people don’t realize is, that most of the bullets fired from today’s rifles will go through the outside walls of most houses like there were no walls at all. Think about that. There would be no firing at an aggressor from a window; they would simply fire through the wall once they had you located.

I know giving up your home would be a difficult discussion. But would it be worth your life or your wife or children’s lives? Especially since you will lose the battle anyway? Doesn’t it make more sense to evacuate and live to fight another day? After all these Gangs will eventually die of disease, starve or kill each other off. Then you can return and rebuild.

Another fact to consider, think how your neighborhood and city will be in a few days or weeks after an event? There will be dead bodies rotting in the streets; there will be human waste everywhere. No water safe to drink and no food. The people who are left alive will be like zombies. Trash will be overflowing the streets. Disease will be rampant. Why would you even want to stay?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get out of harm’s way?

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