Is it better to be an open or secret prepper?

We are all huge advocates of operation Security and In my opinion the “OPSEC” term is over used and has been devalued in its meaning. However, We know what it means and restate that we are HUGE advocates of Operation Security but there comes a time when the uncomfortable questions get asked and you must decide whether you will answer. I for one often have an awkward pause on purpose letting the person know that was a questionable question and it gives them time to rephrase it or back out totally. Since we are called upon to give suggestions to people within the Prepping communities around the world we often find ourselves dancing upon a razors edge in fact that could be some of our pirate Indian Names!

As one of the supposed stated goals of the Leaders within the Prepping community to teach those who are seeking knowledge it sometimes is counter productive to be tight-lipped but at the same time it is not prudent to blab all your information just for the sake of “helping” another. Hence the fine razors edge I mentioned Captain SaltyDawg dancing on the razors edge Chief of the Prepper Tribe does have a nice ring to it though. (if my attempt at humor offends some of you …uh ….grow up and stop being part of the problem!) Now back to topic each of us determines how much information they should give out on an individual basis because you simply get no where when you play a the game of you tell me first. It’s a trust issue is a good reason but it gets old after a while. I personally don’t need to know your preps and see no reason My preps or lack of preps has any bearing on what you do. So take a look at this article and see where you might stand on some of the issues brought up in the surveys of so-called regular Americans I may post up some of my comments as well They will be in Blue, hope you enjoy.

Is it better to be an open or secret?

Is it better to talk openly about your food storage and emergency supplies or be a secret prepper?

We often hear this question and conversation and we wanted to know what you thought. We collected some statistics about food storage and preparedness to help you out. Read the information and let us know what you think!

How many people are prepared?

According to a recent national survey, 45 percent of Americans are storing canned or non-perishable food and 22 percent say they could last a month or two with the food they have in their home.

Which of the following, if any, have you ever done to prepare for a potential catastrophe?

Collect or store canned or non-perishable food 45% (Vienna Wieners, Spam and Saltines Rock!)

Collect or store drinking water 43% (I can imagine Yes I have two cases of bottled water for me and my family of 5, that should last us a month or two. Yes, I have been told that!)

Have a “go bag” or “72-hour kit” 33% (Ready Bought or made your self? and Do you know what is in it and how to use the items within the BAG?)

Learn basic survival skills (start a fire, etc.) 30% ( Curious!)

Own at least one weapon or firearm 26% (WOO-HOO, I out gun 74% of morons! uh well that is if I actually owned a firearm!)

Grow my own food 21%  (You cannot plant a seed today and eat the tomato tomorrow, This is a skill.)

Develop my own source of power 9%

Keep my own livestock 6%

Nothing 25% (These fools are the SHEEPLE!)

Helping your neighbors prepare?

When you don’t have, you become very appreciative of the help that you receive – neighbors lending you tools, ladders or a cup of sugar. On the one hand, I’ve seen people say, “I’ve prepared and I won’t give it up without a fight.” On the other hand, if you, as the local preparedness expert; helped your neighbors to face a disaster, they wouldn’t need to come to you. But obviously, not everyone is going to prepare. Statistically speaking, if more Americans prepared, there would be more Americans that would have the means to donate to food kitchens or help out the needy. Food storage allows you to become more self-sufficient, freeing up your assets to help others.

Would you share your food storage?

According to that same survey, 76 percent of people said that they would share their resources with their immediate family, such as parents and siblings. Surprisingly, ¼ of Americans said they would share their resources with a neighbor, even if they didn’t know them very well. Only 3 percent of respondents said they would never share their emergency resources with anyone.

In the event of a catastrophe, who would you be willing to share your own resources or supplies with? (Salty’s Scribe = good rule of thumb, don’t show up empty-handed!)

Immediate family members 76%

Significant others 64%

Close friends 55%

Extended family 49%

Neighbors that you know well 42%

Acquaintances or friends of friends 29% (My Number would be way lower!)

My children 28% (Way Higher!)

Neighbors I don’t know well 24% ( way lower, I will need their space for gardening, wink!)

Other 6%

Nobody 3%

Would you steal to feed your family?

We’ve all heard this moral question posed before. However, in an emergency situation, the quandary becomes a reality. The ethics depend on the facts of each case, said James M. Glass, a politics professor at the University of Maryland. “You can argue that hungry men stealing from stores is O.K., but hungry men attacking a woman with a bag of groceries for her kids is a moral quagmire. It’s not a situation where anybody comes out in a good way.” (Salty’s Scribe = you better be certain people will steal if they are hungry and you are a bold face liar if you say you wouldn’t! I believe you to be correct should you say your intent would be to remain a moral man but studies have shown that there is an actual chemical change in the brain of a starving body feeding the receptors that provide for our rational or moral compass if you will. It changes those things that would normally allow you to resist the things you would not do. Giving way to non-rational thinking justifying anything that you do. Your child looks to you and says Daddy I am starving and all reason goes out the window and you will do whatever it takes even if it breaks your moral code!

It would be small things at first like picking berries from someone elses vines or just getting a few vegetables from their garden, after all they have so many and they should be sharing right? Once that Moral code is broken then it is fair game until some semblance of order and Normalcy is restored. If it never is then maybe it is survival of the fittest if it is restored then you are left with the civilian equivalent of PTSD and I hope you will be treated better than our soldiers of today!) 

So what do you think? What do you think about this? Is it bad for people to know that you are a prepper?

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