Risk Assesment

Many folks believe they are prepared, after all they have a couple of cases of water a bag of Cheerios and for some this would suffice as “being prepared” However, for other people it only scratches the surface. Being prepared is a way of life and for those who are starting on this journey This is where our team can assist you and you family.

You can learn from our many mistakes and success’. We assist with your Preparedness Planning. We can evaluate the security, viability and vulnerabilities of the our clients proposed areas. We review storage potential for our clients and if they wish our sister company can remodel the area or construct all new either inside or outside.

 We sit down personally with you and your family members and develop a plan. Think of it as a personal trainer in Preparedness without all the shouting. We can help collate the data that should be in tangible paper form, we can recommend books and material that is pertinent to todays prepping needs. All of this information is tailored to your families needs, It will be given to you in book form so you can refer to it over and over again.