The Pirates Ready Store

For many years The Pirates Republic has searched for food that could offer the good taste and health benefits we knew from our childhood farms. As youngsters enjoying the benefits of nature and later serving Uncle Sam we liked the benefits of a quick convenient meal. We started looking for food that served two purposes one that we could store for the long-term or use everyday and the second is food that could be prepared quickly and conveniently.  Upon searching we found many other attributes to look for With Freeze Dried products you can easily cook them with just water.

We tried multiple company products Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, smooshed, sun-dried, you name it we tried it. During the course of our Quest we tried almost every brand out there that met our initial criteria of Proposed Nutrition, Shelf life and convenience in preparation.   After trying literally every food product company on the market, we found ONE we could agree on The Ready Store.

We took the time to research the products and Production, seeing the attention The Ready Store gives to Saratogo Farms Product Line to provide a superior product. We Appreciated the testing and verification of nutritional quality and certifications, we knew that The Ready Store offered food that we could feel good about offering to our clients .  Although we are partial to the Saratogo Farms brand it is not the only label they offer. The Ready Store offers many different quality labels to include Saratogo Farms, Providential Pantry, Mountain House as well as Wise Foods. The Ready Store ahs become our recommended “Go To” company in our food storage program because it meets all of our requirements. Not only is it a product we recommend, it is also a product we use on a daily basis, yes I said daily basis. Eat what you store and store what you eat.

This one company offers us Freeze Dried Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits for our long-term food shelf stable foods for up to 25 years. So if freeze-dried antibiotic free meats, gluten-free products and certified non GMO foods weren’t enough we also get the added benefit of different size containers. Sizes from a large bucket of food to a large #10 can, medium and small cans as well as pouches thru the Easy Prep product line. This variation of products sizes successfully serves all of our needs from long-term storage to back packing or camping. These sizes come in handy when we do not wish to open a 25 lbs sack of black beans or any other larger amount of raw product. We also recognize a smaller portion is needed for possible trading.

  • It is a primarily freeze-dried preparedness company. Freeze dried in our and many experts opinions is best. Why?
  • Is delicious enough to use every day
  • Is nutritionally superior and Non-GMO
  • In many item antibiotic free
  • Gluten free products
  • Non Allergenic specialties
  • Manageable container size
  • Is a great investment in your health and longevity
  • Is offered at an unbeatable price that cannot be matched at any grocery store
  • Has a 25 year shelf life so it will be there in a time of need!
  • Many more benefits!

Many Know ” preparedness and food storage” is not a new concept but still, there may be many questions such as

 What are we to prepare for ? 
What is long-term food storage ?
 Why couldn't I just go get what I need at the grocery store, right ? 
Why is everyone talking about preparedness and self-reliance ?
 Are they just trying to scare us ?

                               We teach self-reliance, not from a fear based foundation but from a prepared standpoint. 
                            Mother nature has thrown us plenty of obstacles as well as the erratic economy and rising prices. 
                                               You don't have to wait for something to happen, it's happening now! 
                            Emergencies come in many forms with the economy being as unpredictable as the weather.   

How would you handle not being able to do the following for 1 or 2 weeks ……..

Get money from the bank or ATM ?

Fill up your car with gas ?

Get needed sanitary items ?

Eat , when shelves are bare and govt agencies are maxed out?

Heat, cool, cook, or light your home ?

Pay your bills with no online capabilities ?

Call your family when you have no cell reception ?

Turn on the spigot to get water ? Flush your toilet ?

Collect your pay-check ? Get prescription drugs or medical help ?

Leave your home for the foreseeable future ?

Get your children home from school ?

How will you feed your family or where will you go if you have to evacuate, what can you take with you ?

Being prepared allows you to sleep when the wind blows, and live without fear.

Disasters come in myriad forms – natural, economic, loss of a job, financial, etc.

What may be a disaster for you might not be for someone else.

If you lost your job or were injured and couldn’t work, wouldn’t you like to have the ability to shop at your own home pantry ?

A natural disaster , like the hurricanes or earthquakes can affect people hundreds of miles around the directly hit area.

Anything that can stop the trucks from driving or the railroads from rolling will affect millions.

The stores will empty in hours, the gas will be gone faster.

We don’t  teach  the “be ready for a future Armageddon”, we teach to be prepared today for any eventuality that stops you from providing the essentials of life for you and your family.

After all, if you can’t do that, isn’t that your Armageddon?