Land Lubber Farms


Land Lubber farms is an Organic Operation We have open air Gardens as well as Green houses with rain Water Collection and Natural Sunlight. We use naturally produced Compost. Yes we collect the poop and turn it in to the soil. We have natural tree starters for Navaho Willows shade trees that have flourished and are hardy trees that properly taken care of can handle the harsh Summers of our Fair state. We are a naturally growing farm which are subjected to Mother Nature so we may have a crop to offer and maybe not, that’s just the way true Organic Farming goes. So Watch the Web site or contact us for crop details. We also Can some of the crops and depending on yield may be offered as well.

We Have a Pirate Chicken Crew That love to walk the plank and they are a Happy Lot.

They cluck, they lay eggs, they cackle they do what chickens do. If we could get them to swab their own decks that would be nice.




We also do Lawn maintenance as well as offer other services to include but not limited to;

  1.  Lawn mowing
  2.  Tree and shrub trimming
  3.  Tree planting
  4.  Compost builds
  5.  Planter beds and Boxes
  6.  Garden Tilling
  7.  Green houses built through Elmtree Construction
  8.  Decks and pergolas Sub contracted through Elmtree Construction
  9. General Farm and Household Handy Man type Services
  10. General Construction Services

Just call to gt a quote or to retain our services. We love a good barter or trade you never know until you contact us.