Possibly the Perfect Mai Tai contender

I stated that I was on a Quest for the perfect Mai Tai recipe. After going to Hawaii and being served this concoction I have been on the lookout for a perfect recipe. We are Pirates after all and you know we like rum so it is only fitting this Mai Tai cocktail is a natural fit. I was sent this recipe and I thought I would share it. It was volunteered by a guest known only as p238shooter and Bravo to you mate!!! the Guest even refers to the waters in which it was born! RRRR, a true Pirate Boat Drink I must Say.
I think you will find this is what you are looking for. This originally came from the Shangrila Resort on Grand lake many years ago. It is very smooth.

Gallon jugs of this have been used on many trips down the Illinois River back in the good old days without incident, best I can remember.

The Brands of the ingredient used are very important, especially the Orange juice but more importantly the Pineapple Juice, using anything other than Del-Monty pineapple juice will not be worth making. I made that mistake only once.

This will make a very smooth drink, but is pretty potent. Depending on what you are doing, you can back off the Bacardi some and add more pineapple and orange juice. The last time I made it I could not find the Mr. & Mrs T’s sweet and sour. If using another brand, I would half it and test for taste. I used something different and it was not as good, but can’t remember the brand just now. Enjoy.

24oz Bacardi Light Rum (you had me at Bacardi)

 2oz Hiram Walker Grenidine (Cant go wrong there)

2oz Hiram Walker Orange Curiaco (even sounds caribbean) 

2oz Hiram Walker Creme De Noyaux (Almond) sounds french?

2oz Mr & Mrs T’s Sweet and Sour Mix, if you can find it. ( Mm, another Quest!)

16oz Minute Made Orange Juice (made fresh by the sun)

32oz Del-Monty Pineapple Juice sclosed location (thar be the trick)

So mix up me harty’s and invites us over for a pint or two because man cant live off sun oven bread alone!

tell us how you like it and if you have another you would like to share they dont have to be alcoholic in nature we accept non as well. (we can add some when they leave mates) so send us your recipes and we will post them.


Salty Dawg

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