Mango-Mint Virgin Mojitos

Mango-Mint Virgin Mojitos
Perfect drink for a Girls Night In.
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Serves: 8
Prep:  15min
Cook: 0min
Total: 15min


4 limes
40 mint leaves, thinly sliced
5 cup mango nectar
5 cup club soda

1. Cut 1 lime into 12 thin slices and squeeze remaining limes to get 6 tablespoons juice.

2. Combine juice, mint, nectar, and soda.

3. Pour into 8 tall glasses filled with ice. Garnish each with lime slices.

Nutritional Facts per serving

Calories               96.8 cal
Fat                       0.2 g
Saturated fat        0 g
Cholesterol          0 mg
Sodium                35.4 mg
Carbohydrates     25.6 g
Total sugars         22.6 g
Dietary fiber         1.2 g
Protein                 0.4 g

Healthy Recipe Courtesy of Rodale Recipe Finder

Photo: Jonny Valiant

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