What is your North Star?


In ancient times Mariners used a star fixed in the sky believed to be due North. This burning ball of light is called Polaris or you may recognize as the North Star. For years sailors would set sail into the unknown guided faithfully by the North Star. With a tool called a Sexton they would pilot their way through uncharted waters. They would rely on the placement of Polaris to plot their way through known waters charted by previous Mariners.

I was watching a rare moment of television to try to understand what the “Wall Street occu – tard” demonstrators were about. What was their message what did they want to achieve? I did not know and come to believe they really didn’t have a clue to what they wanted to accomplish either. I found it ironic that they were chanting derogatory chants against the “Greedy Corporate Giants” in a public park donated to the public by the “Big Greedy Corporations Giants” they were in fact protesting against. They were there at the public park because it was free to the public protesting the people who donated the park for public use.

The National Press was there interviewing people and as much as the interviewer tried to guide the interviewee into cognitive thought process the morons couldn’t follow the lead. One lady couldn’t formulate a cohesive thought long enough to formulate a reason for her to be out there so she just said that all corporations should be taken over, everything taken and left in ruins because she couldn’t find a job! Another crazy lady was interviewed on camera in  AtlantaGAspouting similar nonsense.

Seems the folks had their own individual agenda and was shouting it to anyone who would make eye contact. Out of 100 protestors there were 80 different agendas, separate in their demands. The remainder of the protesters were made up of 8 desperate guys trying to pick up chicks who would profess any agenda the lady with large ideas would have them speak and then there were the remaining 12 made up of the actual homeless people who quite frankly didn’t understand what the hell any of these mambie pambie cupcakes were bitching about but was happy just to have some company.

This is bizarre behavior in my opinion; however, it does give us insight on who will be standing with their hand out when things go sour.

 The way I see it these folks instead of taking responsibility for their own readiness they will look towards the Government to care for them. The facts are the Government has about 72 hours or less of resources available for the population of this great nation.  Have you ever wondered why the Government has been recently promoting the importance of a 72 hour kit? This is the difference of those who progress with purpose preparing themselves and their family, contrasted by the fools that haven’t a North Star for guidance.

Your North Star is your business and means something to you. The reason you may prepare is your Polaris. You remain focused on the task at hand and move with purpose through the rabbit holes or Prepping.

The reasons they do not prepare is their own and everyone has to make their own choices. However, take note that they are in fact protesting the “have’s” and “have not’s”.  Not because they can’t work for the promise of opportunity as you and I do but the fact they do not have what you have and it is not fair in thier opinion. This seems to be the common theme of the sheeple occupying our public parks.

 It is important to recognize this because this is the same mentality they will use to justify the reason to take what you have when the scenario presents itself. There is a saying that goes like this “How will you know where you have been if you don’t know where you’re going?”  Just like the Mariners of old plotting their fist course. They may not have known what lay on the horizon but they plotted every place they ventured so they always knew where they had been. If all else failed they could return to the known course and re-plot a solution to explore the new horizons.

 Again seems pretty simple to you and I but we have a plan to guide us into action. We are doing the things we know we need to be doing to get us to the place we want to be. Hoist your sails my friends and fear not these crazy waters we seem to be living through these days and rely upon your abilities and your North Star to see you through to calm waters. 

 May the wind always fill your sail unless you have stolen the wind that fills my sails then let it bloat your rotting corpse in the depths of Davey Jones’s Locker you scurvy dog.  


Salty Dawg


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