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What Is Long Term Survival

A lot of folks ask me exactly what I mean by the term ‘long term survival’. Well, long term survival is when you find yourself in a situation where you are going to have to survive for an indefinite length of time, or perhaps even forever, with no modern conveniences or help from anyone other than the people that may happen to be with you. This would be due, most likely, to a national catastrophic event, either manmade or natural. This will be a situation where there is no electricity, fuel, supermarkets, hospitals, public water, communication, transportation or any authority of any kind. In other words, this will be a situation where you and your Group will be on your own.

The inevitable results of a national catastrophic event will be anarchy. When a national catastrophic event does occur there will be a complete breakdown of society. Without electricity, without policing authority, without public water supply, without a super market, without the modern conveniences we are now accustomed to, then yes, there is no doubt society will crumble. The inevitable result is anarchy. This has been made evident by the recent hurricane Sandy were just a few days after the storm hit looting reached epidemic levels. The only way you and your family will survive anarchy will be to get out of harm’s way.

Surviving long term will require a completely different set of skills than surviving a short term emergency. In order to survive long term you have to prepare, you have to think long term.

You can survive short term by rubbing to stick together to make a fire, sleeping under a lean too, eating bugs and boiling water to drink. These skills will not allow you to survive long term. To survive long term, especially if you have family, young and old Folks, you must prepare. Surviving long term requires a long term food supply. Long term survival will require you preserving food; it will require you building a permanent shelter. You will require a source of clean fresh water, you will have to provide any medical care required. Long term survival will require you making your clothing, as well as your shoes. These are only a few of the skills you will require to survive long term; there are any number of other skills needed.

You may think I am exaggerating. Just take a few minutes and think about it. What if the power grid was destroyed, makes little difference how, what would you have… What if it never comes back on…you would have nothing. If the national power grid goes down life as we know it would change instantly. Everything we have is dependent on electricity…everything. Light, communication, heat, running water, hospital, law enforcement, food, transportation, and in many cases life itself.

Now, if you still think I am exaggerating then you had better think again. The Government has issued many warning, congress has had many meeting, military has acknowledged, many prominent scientist have warned that it can and in all probability will happen. According to many experts, Government, civilian and military, the power grid is the U.S. Achilles heel.

These facts have been underscored, again, by the recent storm in the Northeast. Even though there was two weeks warning, the very next day there was extreme shortages of water, food, blankets, fuel and authority. Millions were without electricity, a reportly 40 thousand people are without housing in the New York area alone. Remember this is with two weeks warning. Think what will be the results of an event that is nation wide, one that effects everyone in the U.S.

There are any number of events, manmade as well as natural, that could destroy the power grid. Solar storm, earthquake, Volcano, Hurricane, terrorism, nuclear explosion and etc.

For more detailed information I ask you to please read the sample chapter taken from Why Prepare to Survive: The True State of the Union on the Preparing to Survive Website here

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