This is yet another example of why everyone needs to store foods

This was brought to our attention by a lady who runs a blog site that we frequent. Along with her concern. Morman Crickets caused starvation in America. I also wonder if our food prices will be affected by this. If the Nile Delta loses their food crop then they will probably start looking to buy suppplies from us. Vickie WHAT BIBLICAL PLAGUE HAS HIT EGYPT JUST THREE WEEKS BEFORE PASSOVER? Mar. 4, 2013 7:23am Sharona Schwartz Locusts swarm near pyramids in Giza, Egypt in this undated photo (Courtesy: Alarabiya) A massive swarm of locusts is descending on Egypt, creating scenes reminiscent of the eighth plague described in the Book of Exodus. The timing is particularly unusual as Jews later this month will be celebrating Passover which retells the Israelites’ dramatic journey to freedom from slavery in Egypt. According to the Bible, Pharaoh released the slaves only after his people were struck by ten plagues. Though it’s a seasonal scourge – there’s even an “anti-locusts department” in the Agriculture Ministry – this locust infestation is particularly pesky. Egyptian media report that this year’s swarm numbers an estimated 30 million insects making their way north from Suez to Cairo. Farmers along their path are on high alert, worried their crops could be wiped out, and are accusing government officials of doing nothing to prepare for the invasion. Salah Moawad, an Agriculture Ministry official, says locusts have even landed on the runways of Cairo International Airport after being chased from other locations. Flight delays were not reported. Egyptian authorities are deploying crop-dusting aircraft and even the military to combat the locust assault. Egyptian Agriculture Minister Salah Abdel Momen says, “The armed forces and the Egyptian border units are trying to battle the swarm with various means at their disposal. “I ask the families living in the area afflicted with the swarm to not light car tires,” he said. “It doesn’t drive the locusts away, it only causes damage, and it could start a fire that will take human life,” Abdel Momen added. The picture really says it all.

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