Preparedness 101 Phase 3 of 3

Preparedness 101

3 part lesson

Phase 3

Actual Survival

The Actual survival portion of our class today boys and girls is the culmination of everything you have done thus far. You have used the cerebral and the physical to prepare yourself and your family for the event that will put you into survival mode.

Indulge me if you will in a slight straying from the article to recount a story of an event that happened recently in our state.

As I was writing this article I had to put it on hold because some of our communities were struck by tornados. Many were devastated by loss of home and loss of life. Some of these families were leveled by the event but vowed to rebuild and life move on with their lives. This story is about one particular family and the end of their world as they knew it. I was told of a couple that got their home scraped to the foundation.

Now for most of us this would be a devastating set back but certainly not the end of our world as we knew it. However, this couple had lived in this house in this community for 40 plus years. They had raised their children and worked their careers got to the point where they paid off everything they had the house, the cars, toys and such. They were debt free! A great place to be except in this scenario they had gotten comfortable enough to cancel their insurance policy on their items and carried liability only for everything that required by law to have some insurance coverage.

Think about this for a minute, they had worked all their lives to acquire everything they had and although they lived in a tornado prone area they had not been hit by a tornado for the duration of their stay within this community. So they dropped their insurance on arguably the largest investment they had made throughout their lives and saved the 1800 dollars per year for several years not just allowed it to lapse by mistake but just didn’t carry it to save money.

The tornado hits their community and they come home to a foundation piled with rubble. Everything gone or destroyed, house, cars, boat, toys, clothes, pictures, electronics, food, freezers, guns, ammo, tools everything but the truck they were in and the clothes on their backs. Notably they did survive but retired and 99.5% of everything gone their world effectively ended as they knew it.

Yes they can and will rebuild and replace but it will be incredibly more difficult because of the lack of planning. Expect the best prepare for the worst? Preparation would be the insurance policy that could have given them a massive hand up on the rebuilding of their lives expecting that they will never have to use it! I tell you this story because the story is true and represents why we prepare actively for scenarios that can help us make ready ourselves for the what if’s in life. Thanks for the detour and now back on the road to survival.

Survival can be comprised of the two earlier elements of this article cerebral and physical preparation. By thinking of the things you should be doing to prepare for events that may occur and physically acting upon those thoughts you have prepared yourself for the day the event happens. From the simple power outages you have taught yourself and your family not to panic and get the shaker flash lights and shake them.

I recommend shaker lights for a 3 important reasons one they provide light, two it does not require batteries and three it makes noise when you shake it. If you need to locate a child they will shake that light a lot and you can sound locate their position if need be. Anyway, survival skills can be utilized at any time and in any given scenario.

The preparation you have made for all the scenarios you have trained and rehearsed for both in your head and in actions will help you just “click” over to survival mode. Your  trained actions combined with trained thinking will give you an advantage. The Advantage over most of the people that will be around you at the time any given scenario decides to play itself out in your world as you know it.

Thought without action is useless as is action without thought . If you have a thought out plan and put that plan into action then you are a valuable asset to all in your charge. You have thought your plan through, you have rehersed your plan into action enableing you to survive no matter the circumstances thus completing the trifecta of the 3 phases of Preparedness, you may leave if you snatch the pebble from my hand!

Let me also remind you it is your responsibility to continually teach those whom seek knowledge as lwell as earn from those willing to teach knowledge this will make you wise in the ways of the force.

A cheesy star wars reference I know but since I went geek earlier in this series I found it appropriate and fitting so nanoo- nanoo. I never claimed to be Yoda, just an experience padawan learner, they call me “Qui Gon Dawg”? “Luke Sky-Dawger”? , “Salty ben kindawgie?”,  “these are not the preppers you are looking for, you can go now”…… I fear my geekness hath shown itself! Oh well I will work on it! Until then may the force be with you!

As always if you have questions or suggestions on article you would like my two cents worth on then drop us a line

Salty Dawg

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