I was reading a post from one of the networks I often frequent because of the relevancy of their content and had to comment on it. The original post was from the american preppers network I encourage you to read it

It spelled out beautifully not only the word “prepper” but the “IDEA” of a prepper. The author did a fantastic job complete with analogies! It brightened up my morning and of course I felt compailed to post a comment and here it be matey!

I also like the word “prepper” it allows for easier dialog, let me explain.

The media over the years has painted “Survivalist” as ner do wells, the best example of this is the uni-bomber.

The Media has been successful in the erroneous portrayals of all Survivalist by the actions of a few thus, leaving a bad taste in peoples mouth when rolling the words survivalist off their tongue.

Hence the word “Preppers” Bravo!!!

“Prepper”, is a pleasant word that is Peppy in it’s annunciation and dare I say quaint to use. It invokes a slight smile when being spoke aloud. A kinder gentler word if you will, and allows the conversation to continue without the newby thinking your an apocalyptic, mad max crazy nut job preaching the end of the world and starting a commune stock piling guns, ammo and girl scout cookies because thin mints are a staple!

Instead it allows you to communicate the necessity of being prepared for even the smallest of emergencies.

Also by the introduction of a quaint little word we can use it it to seek out and network with like minded people and educate those whom wish to be educated, remember sheep are easily frightened. A “prepper” who prepares for their survival is arguably a survivalist to some degree or another……..welcome to the dark side…..we have cookies!

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