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A Skill Worth Knowing

Fortunately, not many of us will be held prisoner by a foreign force. So how would knowing Morse Code ever be beneficial to the rest of us?

Emergency Communications

Well, most of use are aware of the international call for distress: SOS. This can be tapped out when our voices cannot be used. Many a survivor have pounded out SOS on pipes or other debris in hopes that a searcher would hear their call. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate more information than simply a call for help? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate your condition and the condition of those with you, your location, and your specific needs?

Long Range Amateur Radio
Communicating via Ham Radios is highly dependent on a number of factors including signal strength, atmospheric conditions, and solar activity, to name but a few. Voice communications, while convenient, are susceptible to interference and require adequate signal strength to get the message across. Morse Code, also referred to as CW (Continuous Wave) in Ham Radio vernacular, travels farther and is less susceptible to disruptive interference than trying to communicate via voice. You can extend your reach with Morse Code.

Communications Without a Grid
When, and if, we ever find ourselves in a situation where modern-day communication devices are unavailable (perhaps due to an EMP or a natural disaster), we can revert back to a more primitive yet robust form of communications. Flashlights, signal mirrors, raps on a metal object can be seen or heard over far greater distances than shouting. A message can be delivered from an outpost to a command center using a series of dots and dashes far faster and far more accurately than other forms of communication.

Resources for Learning Morse Code

At first blush, learning Morse Code is an arduous undertaking. Just looking at the chart of dashes and dots associated with each letter makes the task seem insurmountable.

Fortunately, there are many good resources available to help you learn Morse Code. has a nice chart that makes navigating the sequence of dashes and dots much more manageable.

Additionally, as you might expect, there is an iPhone app for learning Morse Code. The Ham Morse app offers a number of ways to help you learn the code. I’ve found that the Koch Method combined with the above chart has been helpful for me.

I’m still learning the code so I’m no expert. But I’m getting there.

What about you? Do you know Morse Code? Have you found it useful?

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