Ladies and Gentlemen Courtesy if you Please – Guest Post

Ladies and Gentlemen Courtesy if you Please

 By Guest Post


Practicing courtesy is important.  This doesn’t necessarily jive with a hardened mentality of survival, but for the preservation of civil society we need to maintain the mental state of ourselves and anyone else that we happen to have with us.  If we are to expect cooperation out of anyone, regardless of situation, we should consider their feelings.

At first this might seem counterintuitive to those of us accustomed to a military lifestyle or such, but if certain disasters were to befall our society, then there would be others who may not be accustomed to the hardships that this lifestyle entails.

Indeed the comfort of all around you will matter most when your back is against a wall.  You may feel inclined to cast aside those people that you consider to not be useful, and maybe you think you could.  If you could exile someone to their death, then you probably have more grit than I do.  I will refrain from placing my opinion on that point here.

Relax and Practice providing comfort to others, it is a good practice and it is good for your spirit.  We exist body, mind, and spirit and will continue to do so, especially in a crisis.  Nurture all of these.  Maintain balance and keep your cool.  I assure you that if you think you’d do best alone in difficult times you may end up that way.

I personally prefer to imagine that there could be people to assist me with the tasks that may need to be done.  I also don’t want anyone calling me sir.  I would like to think that in any situation, the transitions will be tough, but that when the dust clears we might be able to relate to others with civility and get more done together than we could alone.

Just don’t forget yourself when it matters most. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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