Homemade Treats for your Pup



We spend so much time working on coming up with new tasty, healthy options for our families and ourselves but have you ever thought about putting your cooking skills to test for your dog?

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Dog “bakeries” are popping up everywhere, and while the doggie cupcakes are adorable, it’s not always realistic to purchase a $4 treat shaped like human food. (Plus, I’m not sure the dogs care that their treat is shaped like a cupcake.) Dog treats are easy to make with a few ingredients, and make a thoughtful gift for your favorite dog owners.

I could probably insert a joke here about dogs eating anything, but mine is picky and also has problems with corn and wheat (just like her human mama). It’s important to keep your dogs age and food sensitivities in mind when mixing up some goodies.  Another word of caution: make sure you know what foods aren’t safe for dogs. While most people realize chocolate is a no-go, so are avocados, grapes, and macadamia nuts, to name a few. The ASPCA has a list of foods dogs should avoid.

Ready to get baking? Here are some recipes to get started:

For gifting to your favorite canine friend, you can package these treats in a parchment-lined tin or in clear gift bags with a big bow. The dog might not appreciate the wrapping, but the owner might!

Do you make dog treats? What are your primary ingredients?

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