Concealment Holster – by CTD Allen

Concealment Holster – A Simple Solution

written by CTD Allen


You made the responsible decision to carry a concealed handgun. Now you need a holster. A lot easier said than done. One of the biggest mistakes you can make after getting your concealed license is to not carry your gun. It does you no good in the shopping center parking lot or walking up to the ATM and your gun is in the glove box of your car.

The best gun ever made is the one you have on you when you need it most. P. S. Products Belt Holster That mistake is usually predicated by running out and getting a very expensive holster that does not work for you. I have carried a gun most of my adult life and while it may impress some family and friends, honestly, it is a real pain in the hip, back or side. I have started carrying my new Glock 23.

It took me six months to find the right fit for my subcompact 1911. I went through numerous holsters. Now I am starting over again. One solution to this is the very simple and inexpensive belt slide holster by Personal Security Products. I own this very holster and I am utilizing it today. I am not ready to drop almost 100 dollars on a new holster and the trial and error associated with finding the right holster.

Until I am ready to do so, I am going with my old faithful option. This little holster comes with slits to put the belt through or a clip for easy on and off. The clip is strong and when you put it on you will feel it is secure. It can be worn inside or outside the waistband, on the belt and in all location of your waist. It comes ready to roll for both left handed and right handed shooters.

PS Holster Dressed in Black What is great is it will easily accommodate all of my compact pistols. If it is the one currently on my belt and I need to leave the house quickly then I can carry my Glock 23, Kimber Ultra Carry or my little Beretta Model 70S—whatever is handy. I have specific holsters for all of my pistols, excluding my new Glock. Specific holsters will seat your gun better and are more secure than this; however, if you need something for that new pistol while you begin your quest for the right holster for your new gun then this is a great option.

This inexpensive holster by Personal Security Products comes in both brown and black leather. It is well made and holds up over time. I own two in both colors and I have not been disappointed with either.

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