Brenda, the Naysayer: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

Brenda, the Naysayer:

Brenda laughed when her co-worker, Sarah, shared her prepping plans. Now, the streets are over-run with desperate folks. The stores have been looted. Grocers, sporting good stores and gun shops were the first to get hit. But there have been plenty of  TV’s, computers and high-ticket electronic items pilfered, even though they’re no good to anyone at present. The family car has an empty gas tank, but she’s in good health and so is the rest of her family. It’s just blind luck Brenda knows where Sarah lives, and the awesome part is she isn’t far—only a couple of miles away. Her family is into bicycling, so the problem of transportation is solved; They’ll just zip past the gridlock, baring looters, that is. The rest of Brenda’s plan lies with the knowledge that Sarah is kindhearted.

Sarah will put Brenda and her family up until order is restored, which from the looks of things could be a long time. Brenda and her husband throw what little they have in their pantry (what they can handle weight-wise, anyway) into backpacks and pillowcases. Next, they clear out the medicine cabinet. They tried to use their ATM card for cash just yesterday, so they wouldn’t show up empty-handed—they’d never want to be seen as free-loaders—but the grid is hopelessly crashed, so no luck there, and all businesses are closed, including the banks. But Brenda doesn’t necessarily see that as a deal-breaker. She did everything she could, other than fill her pantry and get preparedness goods. And besides, Brenda has two adorable kids…how can Sarah say no?

Are you Sarah or Brenda?

 Or are you the one who just reminded yourself that you really should get prepared…… but first you got to see if the DVR recorded Idol so you can give some love by texting 9 for your favorite cause you know that girl can sing and she just got to win,  right?

These By far are going to be the most common and might I say the most difficult to deal with. These are the people you may even if slightly have something invested in their life. Co-workers, friends and in the time of crisis everyone is your bestest buddy if they thought it would enhance their prospects of survival! Let’s not exclude long-lost relatives that have called you a kooky and a paranoid freak for years as you talk about tyranny and deceit ( well at least that is in my case) but none the less they will show up when everything they have doesn’t work. Let’s be clear they still don’t like you but because they know you hunt the sweet innocent animals you are going to be their best bet for survival. They can just simply drop by and hang out with you like they do once a year around thanksgiving time. Hell you’ve got plenty and they brought the canned cranberries …let’s eat!

Let’s Say they show up and say fine don’t feed us but what about our children? Do you take in the children? Extra mouths to feed and since they were raised spoiled X-boxers they have zero work ethic and have fully capable 100% bitch and complain modes. What about Little children to young for high work production but still need food?

What would you do?

Do you have a plan?

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