So you have decided you need a Basic Bug Out Vehicle.

What can you do with your made of money!

I have seen articles and blogs, blogs and articles on the topic of  the perfect BOV. Some of those people are more than serious about their BOV’s. I was dumb founded by the sheer amount of money these folks are willing to shell out for a vehicle of ill repute.  I was asked to weigh in on this very subject and wound up yanking some chains on the yappers and pie holes of the dedicated yahoos by making this statement ” I believe the perfect BOV is the one you already own”. If you have resources and have taken the time to buy a readymade BOV then Good For You Mate, you’re ahead of the ball game! For those who want one but for whatever reason you haven’t gotten one then we should talk. I do not believe that a bad ass jacked up, chromed out, pimp out super Hummer type BOV is for everyone. I do however; believe that everyone should have a BOV. A BOV can be any mode of transportation basic or otherwise.

I have seen some cyclist pack a ton of stuff on their two wheels surely enough to be qualified as a 72 hour kit. I don’t think it would work so well in certain areas and specific situations for example if you had a family and one bike, but for the single inner city preppers this would be an excellent mode of Bugging Out! There are many factors that should be considered before even thinking of having one. Some are restricted by location for example L. A. or New York there are long term parking issues unless you have made arrangements in advance this could prove very costly. Be assured that I couldn’t give two spits in a bucket for either city and as a first line of defense I am willing to sacrifice them to give the rest of us more time to make ready our stand. We will call those two states of heavily populated areas of people living on top of each other our first line of defense! Finally, they can contribute something worthwhile instead of being a drain on our nation……..ooops to political huh? OK,

 So let’s say SHTF and we need to bug out we grab our BOB or GOOD bags and load them into the car. Now we are set to take off and darn the luck, we get stuck in traffic because everyone else had the same thought of getting out of dodge seems news travels at the speed of light nowadays. The unintended consequence of you owning that slick ride is you can’t hop a curb with your aluminum alloy wheels and the clearance of soda can, Thus the need for a different BOV or at least one specific criteria that you should have considered.

For me and probably many others my wife drives a nice car and during severe weather she uses our second BOV so her car doesn’t have to get trashed. We could also use it to go camping, hunting, 4 wheeling, dirt slinging, stump pulling, tree hauling, trailer pulling and many other tasks that we are called upon to perform. You must assess the need for a BOV or it could be an eternal money pit fraught with peril. That’s why I think the best BOV is the one you already own. you can always rig out your current vehicle and save for your idea of the perfect BOV …….hey a BOV on a budget? That sounds like a good idea for another article.  Most people in earth quake zones prepare a little something in the trunk or hidey spot in the car for emergencies just as those who live in snow prone areas prepare for there particular weather hazards. None the less and no matter how you achieve BOV-ness it is important that you prepare. Heck, your mom wanted you to be prepared in case of emergencies or she wouldn’t have told you have clean underwear on! So take measures now to create and mintain your BOV and be sure to pack a few pairs of clean underwear so Mom will be happy. The decisions and scenarios will vary as will the solution to the situations that you will face. So If for any  reason you can see a need for a BOV then congradulations now the fun begins.

As a side note I have done research into cup holders and any violations of the man code and the rule states you may not have anymore cup holders than you have cylinders. Should you have more cup holders than cylinders then you are venturing down the path into mambie pambie land unless of course they are being used to hold a spit cup. it may be gross but its the rule.  

Thats all for this rant from the


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