Assets to your Inventory Article 3

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How


We deployed the who, what, when, where, why and how principle to assess the value of prospective members. This list will assist on the evaluation of prospective members and help reduce the emotional aspect of the decision making process. I will restate the two questions that I ask of everyone when speaking on Preparedness issues again they are, First “What are you willing to do to achieve the stated objective” Second “What are you willing to give up to achieve the stated objective” the answers to these questions are in fact your own. Moreover, you are the only one that can answer these questions and must live with the consequences of the answers.


Does this Sounds Mean or morbid? Well that’s why we call it preparedness, you prepare in times that the need is not immediate so clear thinking makes up the plan you can enact in times of immediate need and can fall back on a plan made from clear thinking rather than fall to panic thinking and placing everyone you have planned for in jeopardy or worse. Most plans are better thought out when clearer heads are allowed to prevail!!!


Think of it as making a living will, a will to survive. So ask some questions of yourself as well as others, here are some examples,



Who do you want in the collective?

When deciding who to bring into the collective you should try to find someone with as close to the same mindset you have so that way your all moving forward towards a common goals. You can branch out slightly later when you are trying to fill specific positions.


First however, stay the course and limit your prospects to as close to your mindset as possible. This may not be your closest friend or your relatives it may be someone you only know in passing. Take note of other peoples conversations, yes I want you to ease drop, it’s alright they will forgive you and just think you may find someone who shares your views and at the very worst you may find someone who you absolutely do not want to hang around with.




What Purpose would they serve the collective?

Asking this question is a fun one because you do not know what you need until the need arises. However, you cannot do everything and sometimes it’s better to have a member that has knowledge in many areas so you do not have to be everything to everybody. A word of caution here! You may not want to bring in a member that specializes in only one area. Unless it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the group for example would you look for a Doctor who specializes in Brain Surgery or a Medic that shade tree mechanics as a hobby? I would rather have a jack of all trades and a master of none that way they can be utilized in any position that is needed, to me that is more valuable and you eliminate the possibility of prima donnas.


What positions should I be trying to fill in my collective?

There is no way of knowing what is in store for you at any given moment so this answer should be handled on a case by case basis. I would start with the basic skill set that you have. What tools do you have and know how to operate proficiently. You list those as your first set of assets then move onto the others that are specific to your core collective for me this is my family and how immediate the family is once again your choice. Go through their skill sets with a fine tooth comb. For example you may have a brother in law that says he knows how to repair vehicle while his are always broke down and he requires your skills to make them run. Possibly you have an uncle that swears he knows how to weld but has never demonstrated that ability to anyone……….ever! You may have sister that professes that she can cook but the only thing you have ever seen her make is reservations. Test the knowledge of the skills people say they possess. Get it taken care of now rather than later when you are behind the power curve. If they get annoyed let them and smile because another spot just opened up in the collective.


What questions should you ask?

 You do not want to ask questions that will not suppose you a prying busy body nor shall it be an inquisition. Ask questions you would want to know of yourself and what answers you would give if asked that question. Take care not to give away your position remember stealth is your Ally.


What answers should you need to hear?

 The ones that you know are correct your BS detector should be set at Defcon 5 or color level Red or whatever you go by. For me it’s pretty freakin High!




When is the correct time to invite them in to the collective?

 Again you don’t want a ton of overlapping skill sets. The only time you should ask them into the collective is when you are sure they are first and foremost trustworthy. Then with absolute certainty you know they are serious about preparing for the “what if’s”. You don’t want to be the only one moving forward as everyone else has been doing it half ass! Because if you have not done proper analysis of the potential asset and you ask them in and show them your goodies then you now have a person that knows what you have and if SHTF they now are a potential security breech you may have to deal with later. A little preparation and diligence on your part could avoid un-pleasantries later down the road.




Where will you use their skill sets “Where do you plug them in to collective?” once the initial skill set has been identified you figure out if it in reality a skill set you could use. I revert to the doctor scenario. Yes you could use a doctor, and as a trained brain surgeon they would be ideal if you developed a blood clot or a tumor in your brain. In reality how often would you require that form of skill set? Arguably they could administer medical aid and render their medical expertise in other areas and apply it with precision but if SHTF that “first do no harm” thing might be a nuisance! I suppose you could always barter their services out. Still a question you have to ask yourself. As for me I will see your doctor and raise you a military trained medic/ mechanic any day.


Where should you look for like minded people?

I would venture to say there are like minded people all around you. You will find them raising a garden even if it is a window garden. Your mechanic, feed store personnel, mail carriers, hunters, crafters not the beanie baby type but the people who seem to be able to make something out of nothing. Some people who are politically active and some that are not. You will find people who are just fed up with rising cost of food and energy. They are everywhere and your mission is to find them and swap recipes, swap ideas and swap food.




Why are their assets valuable to the collective and does anybody else have that particular skill set to offer the collective?

As previously stated you do not want everybody in the collective to be plumbers or cooks. I know a guy who his entire life he has been in three jobs all had to do with sales. He’s not very good at it but it is what he does. He has always done just enough to barely get by. With no ambition to better himself he has absolutely zero skills and will be part of the first wave of casualties if SHTF!!! You know people like this guy and his type should at all cost be avoided for they are the destroyers of moral. Why their skill sets valuable is is also a question you can ask the individual. Treat it like a survival resume.




How do you bring the person into the collective and inform them of the seriousness of the invite. Bringing someone into the group is delicate so you want to approach them as a kindred spirit without giving away everything, such as all your secrets you have stored away for a rainy day. I have been queried by as subtle a method as opening a political conversation. I have been handed a flyer, down to outright being asked where I stand on an issue. I definitely appreciated the outright approach because I knew exactly where I stood and exactly what they wanted, but some folks like the more stealthy approach and is a tactic I seem to deploy as well. I simply ask a question following a statement it goes a little like this I was reading an article on (insert whatever current event you choose here) and I ask what do you think of it? Then I let them take the conversation over. I will interject a couple of preparedness statements and see where they want to take it. Preparedness mindset people are smart folks fraught with the common sense found lacking in many people of today. Likeminded people will sense where they conversation is going and either steer it away from it or inquire back with questions of their own.


Some conversations are struck up because I am wearing a specific patch or an emblem people are curious about. Inquiring gives me the opportunity to give them a hint of my beliefs and with that knowledge they can pursue more knowledge or write me off as a right wing, gun carrying, Ex-Military, Parrot head loving, evil business owning enemy of the state. Whatever they choose to perceive is their business, finding out whom I can rely on is mine. A successful interaction allows both of us to achieve our objectives.


Many state that secrecy is the key to your well being and of this I am an absolute believer. However, I also believe just as strongly that we are also mandated to teach those who are teachable and vet out those who are not because one prepared family is mighty but a prepared collective is even mightier. We have all been taught there is strength in numbers. There is safety in numbers unless those numbers are the majority and you are the minority. In today’s mentality of “I want it NOW at the expense of others” and “Give me mine and to hell with everybody else” you my prepared friend are the minority!!


Let not your heart be troubled and have hope in the fact that you are reading this article as well as others you are not alone in your endeavors. There are groups of people out there that believe the way you do, maybe not all aspects you may believe in but enough to be worthy of your interest. We are all joined by a common bond and the facts are that there is something on the horizon and we intend to prepare for whatever comes our way individually or as a collective group. Should nothing happen after all these years of preparing, then what? Fantastic nothing happened and we are still prepared and we have taught a generation behind us to prepare and be self reliant not to mention we will have cookies.

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