Ammo 101 – It’s grain, not grains.

  Ammo 101- It’s grain, not grains.


Grain is the actual weight measurement of a bullet—not the cartridge.  If you want to sound like a newbie, call it “grains”—plural. If you want to know what you’re talking about, refer to is as grain—singular.  The more a cartridge weighs the more grain it has. Standard weight for .45 ACP ball ammunition (full metal jacket – FMJ) is 230 grain. Standard for 9mm is around 115 grain. Generally the heavier bullet moves slower than a lighter bullet.

There is quite the battle raging among shooters as to which is better for defense. Some say to use a big, heavy, slow bullet for target penetration and some say to use a lighter bullet at higher velocity for expansion. Personally, I’m in favor of a heavy bullet with a good hollow point.  After all, a heavy bullet still moves “at the speed of a bullet,” right?

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