I’m just saying! Commenting on the comments of a Phil Burns Article

Phil Burns is still getting comments on an article he wrote about the doomsday show. You can read his article here and here is my reply to he and the 35 post at the time of this reply.


I think your right Phil, it seems he only thing in natgeo’s take on Preppers is showing the most fringe element they can in order to get ratings and it did just that. The more outrages the better the ratings. It is maybe not how the people wanted to be portrayed in real life but for this particular 15 minutes of fame it is how they are represented. Maybe it is natgeo’s doing or just maybe it is how they wish to be represented to their adoring audience. I personally admit I only watched the mini blurbs they have on the web site. That is all I needed. The Trucker survivor man Colvill and his wife seem to be taking it a little to heart about the way they were represented on the program and subsequently being talked about by people who disagree with them being on the show at all. Well Mr. and Mrs. Colvill, I don’t think it’s about you!


I personally thought there were some crafty ideas from the Colvill blog page. I do not believe I am going to run a big rig up and down the highway but I think the same ideas on camouflage can be used with an RV and or a Travel trailer. I do not think you, your wife or your ideas on survival were harmed by Phil or by any other comments people have made. I do believe the Prepper community is continually harmed and done a disservice by the likes of natgeo and the people who are appearing for the fame or to whore their products out.


I also think that some of the people portrayed on the show do not believe they are going to be mis-represented by the natgeo but that they are in fact helping the community by expressing their ideas and thus lending legitimacy to their actions. There is no harm in expressing your views and sharing your ideas on Preparations and specifically how you prepare for whatever happens to present itself. However, as just a regular old Prepper your intent is boring makes for bad TV. Inevitably this is not the intent of natgeo. You see your common everyday Prepper does not garner ratings. Rating is revenue and revenue is what makes the media world go round. Sadly enough those outrages head lines is what guarantees high ratings. The more outrages the bigger the ratings. If you don’t like it tough don’t watch there are plenty of people who will.


 Gnatgeo seems to have the intent of harming the reputations and the lifestyle of legitimate Preppers. We are portrayed as a “FRINGE” element of society somewhat how they paint the various groups known as (cue scary music)…..SURVIVALIST….(end scary music). They try to lump us into the Hate groups because we own in firearms and believe we have the right to do so. A Hoarder class because we store food. A paranoid class because we build shelters. A crazy class because we believe in self-reliance and helping other achieve that goal.


I believe even some good has come from the morons as well as the actual Preppers with good intent. It has for us opened up dialog with people who are at least curious about the absurd behavior. As another commenter to Phil Burns article said “they saw something that gave them something to think about.” That is a positive outcome to a negative event. Winner, winner dehydrated chicken dinner!!!!


 The Pirates Republic advocates “Survival in place” and the Colvill’s are doing just that. His truck is his home and livelihood. He is protecting his home the best way he knows how. He believes his method is the best method and believes it so greatly that he teaches others about it by his own means. I cannot fault him for this. If you read his trucker blog you can find he has thought his methodology out and believe it to be the best for him and others.

Angela said “I think that had Doomsday Preppers not been on I never would have begun the type of “prepping” I am doing.” This is another win for the Prepper team and if she can just manage to stay away from the out on the Fringe ding dongs and get in with some legitimate Preppers she will make it.

Furthermore “Syd” had a lot of questions and they were all legitimate questions that we answer all the time. His questions in my opinion could be summed up to this “why spend all that moneybuilding bazillion dollar bunkers for a catastrophic event when an actual real live event is unfolding in front of our eyes (insert your specific reason here.) there are common sense steps these people could take. Well  said “Syd”

While Ted was waxing nostalgia about his grandma?? I tend to agree more with the response by Lewis Ratcliff when he stated “PREPAREDNESS IS SMART, BUT… flexibility is the key” he went on to offer some advice he wrote “Bottom line & best advise. $200+/- spent on a good backpack & supplies is the best overall hedge. Guns are good, but check on local carry restrictions in emergency situations. “Guard type” dogs (2 are ideal) are a great asset. Remember, you have to sleep occasionally. I’m sure that mine prevented numerous confrontations during, and even after return to post K N.O. Stay flexible my friends.” Words to live by eh?

It is noteworthy to mention that he walked out of Katrina (often referred to as an eye opener). It doesn’t make him an expert but does make him experienced.

I too had my fair share of experience with the hurricanes and can personally attest to the differences between the thug cops who by our account were the only thieves we encountered while helping the people of NOLA! (There are your sheep dogs for ya.) A drastic contrast from the honorable Police officers of HoustonTX whom served the grateful people of Texas and New Orleans while having to stomach the ungrateful scourge of human debris offering no contribution other than demanding a hand out pissed off they weren’t getting their fair share. Hmmm, Capt. Morgan just told me to stop pounding on the keyboard so back to the original topic.

I did watch Phil’s show on the interwebs the exact same way I watched the natgeo fiasco and although I may not agree with the delivery of some of what he did I did follow-up and read his article on why he did it. Again it may not have been my method of doing it but if I had some of his specific resources like a relative that was trained in escape and evasion I just may have done it that way as well. 

I also agree with other comments made by readers that I looked at these programs with a grain of salt. I learn from the lessons they have to teach. Although I do not “PREPARE” for every apocalyptic event, I won’t condemn anyone who does.When asked if I saw those “crazy people on that Prepping show I say no but I do appreciate those folks for preparing for whatever event they are preparing for because that is at least one more family that wont burden the system with their hand out expecting the Government to do everything for them. The reality of it is the Government does not have the capability to take care of us all no matter who you voted for!

 I also point out how they most likely already prepare for some type of event but they just haven’t stopped shaving their legs and gotten a cool Prepper name like lotus blossom or moon beam and they may have to settle for a name like Dirk since the Salty Dawg moniker has been taken!  It is not the reaction they were looking for but most times they smile and open a dialog for reasons they should prepare. 

So Again, to the folks that put themselves out there for the public ridicule, if that is your thing then thanks again for taking one for the team. Remember as though I am sure your intentions were honorable you are not blameless. You did agree to it and all that comes with it. You can look on the bright side all this publicity it is extending your 15 minutes and now that it is on the interwebs you will live in infamy!


This is my opinion

Salty Dawg



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