10 Forms of Currency if Paper Money Becomes Useless in Any Crisis.

This is an article we grabbed from a buddy off the dreadful FB. I am not sure which site it came so pardon the lack of introduction. it does make one think however that prepping aint all about food.

10 Forms of Currency if Paper Money Becomes Useless in Any Crisis.

By katalystman


If ever in a time we see a declining dollar and the rise of cost go up around the world; we often wonder what would happen if paper money became useless or unobtainable. Paper money in itself is really a false system of security, if SHTF paper money could be useless in every day commodity or survival. So it would seem smart to have what is called sustainable goods, which could mean anything of value for barter, trade or alternative form of currency. Being able to be self sufficient is key to survival, but what if you need something you don’t have? What is going to be in short supply that will fetch a high rate of desirability in a barter system among the people? What seems as common goods today can be worth their weight in gold at any time in the future. These items for obvious reasons would be what people should be stocking up on in any event of uncertainty.

1)      Precious metals (Gold, Silver, and Stones) would be the most obvious thing to have in a system with fallen currency or useless paper money. But for some going out and buying gold or silver isn’t the most feasible option. If you can though, having gold or silver and stones could be worth much more in the future than are currently worth now.

2)      Ammunition and gunpowder will be a highly valuable commodity, having the ability to cast your own ammunition and have many available rounds in storage is a worthwhile venture for trade.

3)      Water is key for human survival, not just having a ton of storage water on hand but actually having access to a water source. Having a well on your land not only serves its purpose but also could be used in a barter system where fresh water might be too expensive or just not on the shelves anymore. After natural disasters occur we have witnessed empty shelves at all stores, water is the first thing to disappear. Having water is crucial to any survival situation.

4)      Food is also a great tool for bartering; having a garden with fresh food is going to be desirable. MRE’s, Storage food, grains, rice, beans, bulk storage food, canned goods, etc.. will always be worth something in a situation that would make every day food scarce. Meat, fish, eggs, chickens, goat milk, dairy products will all be very desirable.

5)      Non GMO Heirloom seeds will be highly sought after by anybody for the obvious reason of growing your own food. People who have not prepared will be trying to acquire their own means to provide food. Heirloom Seeds will be worth their weight in gold in any barter system.


6)      Medicine and first aid supplies will be very valuable, not only should we stock up on those items for ourselves but extra for anyone who might need it. In a time of crisis medical supplies will be priceless.

7)      Alcohol, yes alcohol will be very sought after as well, aside from the ability to have a stiff drink in a time of crisis, alcohol has many other uses. Sterilization of wounds or surfaces, tincture making, are just a few, but mostly people will want alcohol. Might consider making a still if and when liquor stores run dry.

8)      Gasoline/lamp oils/propane and any other fuel sources for transportation, cooking, lighting if there is no power. Storing large quantities of gasoline can be tricky though, they do have gas preservatives and treatments to prolong it, but gasoline will eventually go bad. So Oils and propane would be the safer bet for long term storage and stockpiling for barter scenario.

9)      Survival/Camping gear will also be a probable source of currency in bartering. Items like solar generators, chargers, tents, clothing etc.. could all be source of value to the person in need.

10)  Knowledge is probably the most important thing of all, the ability to survive in a barter world would be to trade your services of how to do something for someone who does not know how to do it themselves. Whatever your skill is like building, electrician, engineering, and other forms of expertise will be valuable to trade for services or items you may need yourself.

So keep in mind that all these things could become very hot commodities in any crisis situation or any other monetary crises that might befall us citizens.

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  1. Ted says:


    Our Group has been preparing coming economic collapse. And this article brought things home for some folks that were stragglers.

    There are some other concerns I will present to you through private post if you don’t mind.

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