Why Limited Government Loses Elections

Why Limited Government Loses Elections

Guest Post By: Laythar



Every day you hear the terms Left and Right bandied about by political pundits and lay people alike, but how many people really understand American Left and Right, or how our Left and Right differs from other countries Left and Right?

In American the Left and Right are distinctly different from other parts of the world, but the American left has been out of power for almost one hundred years and only the political left has been presented as a viable option for Americans.

Humor me for a moment; locate an ordinary piece of paper and something to write with. Orientate your paper so that the narrow end is at the vertical top and bottom in the standard portrait position. Now draw a vertical line in the center of the paper from near the top down to near the bottom. Return to the top and move over to the right of the line and write the word NAZI, then to the right of Nazi write the word FASCIST. Now to the left of the word Nazi and to the left of the line write the word SOCIALIST and then to the left of socialist write the word COMMUNIST.

Take a look at your work so far, you’ll notice that NAZIES and FASCIEST are to the right of center and that SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST are to the left of center. This is the political picture the ignorant and the media try to use to define American politics. We’ve all heard the rhetoric from each side about the other, Republicans are all Nazis and Fascist based on their position on this chart and Democrats are all Socialist and Communist based on their position on the chart. The only problem with this world view is that maybe it’s true for the political parties, but it’s wrong for American politics and this is how media and education have tried to define our political system. However, much of the picture has been photo shopped away, so let’s see if we can restore the original photo.

Now take your drawing and turn it on its ear by rotating it ninety degrees to the left or counter-clockwise so that the paper is now in the landscape position with the words on the left. Draw a large oval around the four words you have on the left and label that oval TOTAL GOVERNMENT, next draw a small circle at the right end of the line and label it ANARCHY. Now label the line itself as GOVERNMENT POWER. What you now have is the true American political system.

The American Left as envisioned by our founders was one that represented total government where government has total control over the lives of its citizens while the American Right was one of total anarchy. This is the left and right in American Politics, Anarchy on the right and Total Government Power on the left. This is part of what makes American politics different from all other forms of politics. Our founders turned everything on its ear, just as you just turned your paper on its ear, but our photo isn’t quite complete.

About one fifth of the way to the left of Anarchy place a mark and label the mark ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION. This represents the first government ratified in America in 1777 and served as the structure for American governance during and after the revolution, but before the Constitution was created. The Articles of Confederation were too close to anarchy to work. The federal government lacked the power to hold the nation together and everything was on the verge of falling apart by 1788. Now make a second mark about a quarter of the way in on the right hand side and label it U.S. CONSTITUTION. This represents the Constitutional position of American Government in the American political spectrum as established by the adoption of the Constitution and the Amendments in 1789.

Under the America system government has one purpose and one purpose only, to protect the freedom and rights of the individual from any group, foreign or domestic, who would try to trample those freedoms or rights guaranteed under the constitution.

Understanding American Left and Right is critical to understanding why the Limited government American Right has been on the losing end of elections for some time. It’s easy. In military concepts you have marched on to a battle field that is a political kill zone for what you believe and you have to understand the American left controls all the high ground and has operatives within your own ranks.

The left in America has already shaped that battlefield and has established a classic ‘L’ shape ambush to cover your approach and deny you your political objectives. The short side of the ‘L’ is held by the media and the language in the form of political correctness and leftist ideology. The long side of the ‘L’ is held by the courts, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. The only political weapon the right’ can use currently that has any power is the House and there are far too many Quislings to make it a reliable weapon in the political battle. To top it all off the political left has a major reserve force, it controls Education. This insures that every year new recruits are trained and indoctrinated into big government concepts and to reinforce the positions they already control.

Every election cycle the people are forced to chose the lesser of two evils for themselves in the form of ‘Big Government Democrats’ and ‘Big Government Republicans’ and those that choose the Republican side march into the voting arena which has been transformed into a classic ‘Kill Zone’ where their message and ideas are decimated by interlocking fields of fire and worse still treasonous leaders who direct friendly fire incidents leaving the rank and file dazed, confused and shell-shocked once the battle is over.

Small Government Americans must withdraw from this field of battle as it is nothing more than a political death trap. We need to choose new terrain and shape the battlefield in a manner to force the Political Left throughout our society to reveal themselves by making them leave their entrenched positions in order to do battle with us at a time and on terms of our choosing. To move forward we must re-educate Americans on who they are and for what they stand, starting with what it means to be on the left and right.

The political parties do their best to persuade voters that they have fundamental differences and are two different political viewpoints, but in reality they generally agree with the direction they want to go, which is traditionally not the direction the American People want to go. The parties more correctly represent the throttle control rather than the rudder for the ship of state. With the Democratic Party you are going to go very fast toward Total Government Control, with the Republicans you are going to go more slowly, but make no mistake, the objectives are the same.

Neither party represents the true American Right based on Freedom, Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility, which is why so many American voters feel disenfranchised by the political process – it’s because you are disenfranchised and it’s done deliberately to force you to desert politics and leave the decision making of government to the Total Government side of the political spectrum.

History teaches us that once any Government reaches Total Control dissent still remains within a population, it’s the nature of man. Totalitarian governments, unable to prevent dissent and unable to share power, are forced to find a solution that eliminates dissent that might require a change in the power structure. As they approach total control they begin to make ‘lists’ of their enemies in preparation from when they achieve their political goal.

The solution selected is always the most expedient and always leads to imprisonment and death for the dissenters. It isn’t that it MAY LEAD TO but that it…..



Communism under Mao killed 45 Million, Socialism under Stalin killed between 20 and 100 millions the definitive numbers may never be known, the Nazis under Hitler killed 12 million, the Fascist under Mussolini we’re a distant fourth at 350,000. The point being that it is not the small government right in America who are the Nazis; it is the big government proponents on the left who masquerade as the most enlightened and tolerant among us by virtue of the wealth and education.

When you have a two party system, and both parties are essentially the same, then in order for Politicians to differentiate themselves and gain political power they must do so by carving out a political base of voters. To do that they divide the people along racial, religious, cultural and economic lines. This action is extremely dangerous to society as a whole because these divisions, under the guise of ‘diversity’, fracture our society in to ‘us’ and ‘them’ subcultures.

The concept of ‘Diversity’ in a biological gene pool is a good thing as it strengthens the organism and improves survivability; ‘Diversity’ in a society fractures that society and will ultimately lead to its destruction as the individuals within the fractured segment have a greater allegiance to their subculture than they do to the larger societal culture. When that society is faced with an overwhelming crisis it will fracture in to those subcultures and the original society will be lost as no one owes it allegiance.

The political organizations and parties we belong to are not worthy of our allegiance. These organizations do nothing but siphon off our hard earned money and bleed off our energies while enriching the organizations leaders and the coffers of politicians. We must face the truth that the Political Left currently controls both Political Parties, the Education System, the Media and Government in America. Until we face the fact that none of these institutions represent us we are never going to be victorious in the political arena.

As voters we are forced to play the game under a false “left” and “right” with neither position representing the people. What we must do is redefine the current political paradigm of ‘left’ or ‘right’ back in to the original American paradigm of Freedom or Oppression and it starts with teaching Americans what the Left and Right really mean and where the inevitable outcome of Government Control will lead us as a people.

The first step on the journey back to freedom is to educate, then to organize, then to plan and finally we must be prepared to take action. We have already lost our country, our political opponents are entrenching themselves on the high ground, our leadership is non-existent, but we must not loose heart. We must connect, organize and gather our strength before we can hope to counter-attack in the political arena.

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