New MTV Show Publicly Shames White People For “What They’ve Done In America”

Okay it is even sad I would have to even have to preface this but here goes so the candy ass morons don’t get their feelers hurt. Anybody who knows me, knows I do not have a racist bone in my body, I do not see the color of a person unless it is a big deal to them and they bring it to the forefront whether it be good or bad. With that being said I do not appreciate Race Baiting of any kind! We are all equal under Gods eyes it all boils down to pigment some got it some don’t, some want it, some won’t. It matters not the color of your skin over the content of your character! I think I am paraphrasing some over zealous white dude but that’s probably why they forgot the message he presented.

I do not understand what makes these race hustlers think they can achieve something higher for their fellow man when all they strive to do is tear mankind down (of course only if there is a profit in it). I admit I cannot think as they do, mainly because I am educated, I am resolved in my beliefs and comfortable in the skin I am in, which precludes me from imbecilic thinking and feckless behavior solely for my own gains at the behest of a willing brain dead society.  well I am getting off my soap box and going to take a shower, i feel dirty even addressing this garbage, read on if you want i will be soaping up with Irish Spring…….Ladies you are welcome for that visual.


New MTV Show Publicly Shames White People For “What They’ve Done In America”


Paul Joseph Watson
July 9th, 2015

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Editor’s Note: Never mind the Spanish Conquistadors who killed hundreds of thousands of native Americans following the discovery of the Americas. Forget about the brutal dictatorship of Santa Ana’s Mexico that aimed to put down white settlers in Texas, or that Texas’ independence sparked a war over territory in California years later. Forget that the slave trade was managed and often operated by African tribal leaders looking to turn a profit by shipping slaves to the new world. 

The real blame for slavery, poverty and racism should be put squarely on white Americans. We are, after all, unapologetic for the transgressions some of our ancestors may have committed hundreds of years ago. 

As you read the following report from Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars you’ll quickly come to realize that their is a movement afoot. It’s one that is designed to demonize people for the very color of their skin and completely ignores the content of their character. It is clear that racism is alive and well in the United States, but it’s not the kind of racism we’ve been taught over the last several decades. No, this kind of racism is a bit different and is completely denied by the establishment media and politicians, because the targets of the venomous attacks and accusations happen to have a white color to their skin, making it totally justifiable (for what factual reasons, we’re not exactly clear).

Luckily, we have a new reality show that explains to the world, and white people in particular, why they are so vile and repulsive. 

white-people-mtv_usoz2aSalty Says

(Definition of CANDY ASS

see above,

BOO-HOO, another gender bender??)

MTV will air a show later this month entitled White People which shows young white Americans crying on camera over their “white privilege” and publicly shaming them for “what they’ve done in America”.


No, this is not a joke. The documentary is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant and amnesty activist who has worked for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.

The trailer for the show, which has been widely criticized by YouTube respondents, features white people expressing angst about how they are desperate not to appear “racist” or “offend people.”

According to Kimberly Ricci, the documentary forces the participants “to internalize what they’ve done in America” – in other words, this a huge exercise in white guilt tripping for public consumption.

An MTV write up of the show also explains how Vargas talks to young Native Americans who feel that European settlers did not ‘save the country’.

“They are the ones who invaded. They are the ones who took,” says Vargas.

In the interests of balance, when will Vargas be fronting a show called Black People that collectively blames all black people for black crime statistics, including the fact that black people in America commit over half of homicides despite making up only 13 per cent of the population?

How about the fact that despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa?

How about the fact that interracial rapes are almost exclusively black on white?

How about the Barbary slave trade, under which over 1 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa until the middle of the 18th century?

Are black people going to be shown crying on camera having been shamed into taking responsibility for all of this? No, because that would be racist. But according to MTV and Vargas, subjecting someone to trial by media purely because of their skin color is perfectly acceptable – so long as they are white.

This documentary represents the culmination of years of race-baiting and racial division which is being driven by the mass media and the Obama White House, tensions which have rapidly accelerated since the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

Responses to the video trailer on YouTube were savage, with the clip receiving twice as many ‘thumbs down’ in comparison to ‘thumbs up’.

“I’m black, even I know this show is straight up racist. Only because it’s stereotyping white people, all white INDIVIDUALS are not like that,” wrote one respondent.

“You want an uncomfortable conversation on race? Let’s talk about violent crime stats shall we? No? I get it, you only want white people to feel uncomfortable,” added another.

“Fuck you MTV, I will NEVER apologize for the skin I was born with, nor will I apologize for being a male, or for being straight,” another respondent asserted.

However, many in the liberal media are celebrating the show, with Kristen Yoonsoo remarking how pleased she is about the fact that, “lots of white people tears lie ahead.”

Salty added “As a Proud Scotsman who doesn’t see people in color,  Fuck You too Yoonsoo” end quote.

“It’s always a good time poking fun at white people,” she concludes.

(Salty added “those are candy ass liberal fuck-tards you been poking, we call them inconsequential  sheep. So let them cry BOO-HOO! You keep emboldening yourself and justifying your actions hiding behind the race card.  Eventually you will run up on the Sheep Dog and take a poke at him. The Sheep Dog will not put up with your shit and just might bite that over privileged hand of yours then lets see how many tears you cry. Sad part is, you are to stupid to comprehend the only one holding you back because of your race is you and your ilk! Sister please! End Quote)

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