Natural Remedies for UTI

Natural Remedies for UTI

by Avery Mann

If you have a urinary tract infection, try one of these natural  remedies to treat it.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be very uncomfortable or painful. While  most UTIs begin in the lower parts of the urinary tract, an untreated infection  can travel up into the kidneys and cause renal dysfunction. In most cases, you  will feel frequent urges to urinate — whether you need to or not — and will  experience burning with urination. Most infections will require antibiotics, but  it may be possible to use natural remedies to help prevent UTIs. There is no  known harm in combining these remedies with prescription treatments. Women are  much more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections than men, especially if  you’re over 40 and/or have reached menopause.

Home remedies. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that  drinking cranberry juice can help in relieving and preventing urinary tract  infections. Formal clinical trials have not been conducted, however, due to the  expense involved, so the claims cannot be proven at this time. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Studies have shown the greatest effect [of  cranberry juice] in women who have frequent urinary tract infections. Studies  involving children and older adults have had mixed results.” Bear in mind that  most juices in your neighborhood grocery store that are labeled as cranberry  juice are probably a cocktail and may contain very little actual cranberry  juice. Look for real cranberry juice at your local health store, or buy fresh  cranberries and puree or juice them yourself.

Symptom management. Drink lots of water throughout the time  you’re infected, and make sure to drink no less than the daily recommended  amount to avoid recurrence. Avoid irritants such as alcohol, caffeine and citrus  juices until the infection is gone. A heating pad may help relieve the  persistent urge to urinate. If you don’t have a commercial heating pad, dry rice  wrapped in a cloth and heated in the microwave or a hot water bottle works very  well and retains heat for quite some time. Wear clean underclothing made of  natural fibers to encourage proper air circulation; synthetic fibers may provide  exactly the kind of warm, moist environment that will encourage bacterial or  fungal growth. Always make sure to consult your doctor for additional treatment  measures, however, as untreated UTIs can lead to complications.

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