Natural Allergy Remedies

Natural Allergy Remedies

by Avery Mann

Natural treatment options that may offer relief for seasonal  allergy symptoms.

Seasonal allergies, or hay fever, produce cold-like symptoms that can range  from irritating to temporarily debilitating. While there are many pharmaceutical  answers to allergies, these all come with potential side effects — namely drying  nasal passages, drowsiness and other effects that may not be a desirable part of  an active life. However, there are many natural allergy remedies and lifestyle  changes that have shown to be helpful in dealing with the symptoms of hay fever.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “It helps to know exactly what you’re allergic  to so that you can take steps to avoid your specific triggers.” These tips are  designed to help limit exposure to the most common seasonal allergens.

Home remedies. While there’s not much in home remedies that  can stop an allergic reaction, many natural remedies can reduce the symptoms  associated to seasonal allergies. This includes common foods with  anti-inflammatory effects, such as garlic, to help alleviate stuffy nose.  Stinging nettle may also be beneficial against seasonal allergies. If your  allergies are causing sinus pressure and pain, few remedies work more swiftly  than horseradish. Either add horseradish to your favorite spicy dish or cold-cut  sandwich, or if you’re feeling especially brave, take a teaspoon of horseradish  plain or mixed with equal parts of a creamy dressing. The effect on your sinuses  and congestion will be immediate.

Lifestyle changes. Many allergic reactions can be limited or  prevented with just a few small lifestyle changes. Avoid working outside during  allergy season — especially lawn or garden work that will kick up mold and  pollen. If you can’t avoid the work, try wearing a dust mask while doing these  chores, and then promptly change your clothes when you get back inside. Indoor  allergies can be controlled by thoroughly vacuuming carpets with a vacuum that  has a high-quality filter, bathing pets at least once a week, and performing  regular maintenance on heating and air conditioning filters. For serious  allergies, it may help to prevent your pets from entering your bedroom and to  remove rugs or carpets, if necessary.

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