Ammo 101 – self- defense rounds – Guest Post

Ammo 101- Self-defense rounds


The best type of self-defense rounds are much more expensive than what I would use to practice with. The ideal self-defense rounds are known as hollow-point bullet. The reason why they are ideal for self-defense is because of their stopping power.  Perhaps you’ve heard the expression of the “bullet went clean through.”  If a bullet does not expand once it hits mass, then it can indeed go clean through and thus not have the efficacy of stopping the threat that you need in a self-defense scenario.  However, a hollow-point  bullet head will actually expand outwards, like a well-rounded claw, once it hits mass.

This is ideal for a couple of reasons. Some describe this as mushrooming as well.  1) When you’re using it for self-defense and it does hit your target, it will actually expand and do sizeable damage within the body cavity as it passes through. Most times a hollow-point bullet will not actually exit the cavity, or if it does, there will definitely be a significantly larger exit wound than the entrance wound. 2) If you were to miss your target, say, while you’re defending your home, the bullet will expand as it hits the wall, and thus stop traveling sooner. This means you’re less likely to shoot through your walls or doors and harm bystanders or neighboring property.

Now, in terms of hollow-point ammo, many shooters swear by the use of Hydra-Shok™ ammo.  The reason being that it has been found to reliably mushroom upon impact, whereas some of the hollow points mushroom simply by hitting clothing fiber.  The good news is that a hollow-point round will also give even a 9 mm more stopping power. And as such I still recommend it as a self-defensive round. (Just FYI, Hydra-Shok bullets will expand at any velocity much over 800 feet per second, and perhaps even less. Ordinary hollow-points generally require 1,000 feet per second of velocity to reliably expand.)

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