Ammo 101 – +P or +P+ ammo – Guest Post

Ammo 101- +P or +P+ ammo


“Plus P” or “Plus P Plus” designations simply mean that a cartridge is loaded with a higher pressure than standard ammunition.  Essentially what this does is give your round more firing power and a greater impact on your target.  It’s one of the variations of ammo that I recommend for women to use who are more comfortable with shooting a 9mm for self-defense. Be sure that your gun is designed for such ammo use though. You can see whether or not your ammo is +P or +P+ on the cartridge box, or sometimes it’s stamped on the base of the cartridge. +P or +P+ cartridges are usually center-fire cartridges.

As a parting thought, it seems to be pretty clear to me that these massive ammo purchases at the hands of DHS or other government entities may be in an effort to circumvent our laws and requirements necessary for implementing special taxes or regulations that would bar ammunition. Instead, I believe they are attempting to manipulate the supply and demand of all types of ammunition–not just rifle rounds. By manipulating the supply they are essentially manipulating the cost of ammo. I’ve been pleading with my readers for years to stock up on ammunition before they didn’t have the luxury to do so. While some would tell me a year ago “ammo is too expensive to stock up on”, I say “expensive is a matter of perception.

The cost of ammo today IS expensive as much of it has at least doubled in price, and in some instances more than quadrupled.  Even if someone has won the lottery in many instances it’s not a matter of just paying for more it than you could have 6 months ago, it’s a matter of even FINDING the ammo needed. We’re not talking about oddball kinds of ammo here. We’re talking about standard rifle rounds.  Something to think about. Something else to think about is even IF you’re not a fan of having a firearm in your home, stocking up on ammo is still a smarter investment than the other so-called precious metals, in a very literal sense of the word “investment.”

While the price of gold and silver is most definitely being manipulated as are the ammo prices, at least ammo is useful regardless of the size of a person’s bank account or the value of the U.S. Dollar. The same virtues cannot be assigned to gold and silver. Just a little “Food for Thought”.

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