Ammo 101 – its not a “bullet” it’s a “Round” or a “Cartridge”

Ammo 101-

It’s not a “bullet” it’s a “round” or a “cartridge” First of all ladies, let’s be sure that you never commit the gaff of calling any part of the ammo something that it’s not.  For example, the “bullet” isn’t usually what you think it is.  Usually what you see lying on the ground after someone else has been shooting is called a casing, although many “newbies” call it a bullet.

The casing is the part of the round that has housed the primer and the bullet tip.  It’s been expelled from the gun when it was shot.  If you really want to be knowledgeable, you may want to test yourself as you go to the shooting range and be sure that you an identify the types of rounds used simply by looking at the leftover casings i.e. Shotgun round, 9 mm, 357 magnum, .22, etc.

A lot of folks refer to these casings lying around as “brass.”  In fact, you may see signs at the practice facilities which instruct you to “clean up your brass. “ It’s the casings that are being referred to in such instances. Bottom line the case/casing is what holds all of the components of the ammunition round in place.

The bullet is actually the pointed top or tip that you typically think of when you picture a round.

A shotgun round does not have an actual “bullet” housed inside.  It has either buckshot, a lot of little round pieces or a “slug” which is shaped like a bullet.

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