Why You Should Learn Wilderness Survival Skills

Why You Should Learn Wilderness Survival Skills



burning 285x300 Why You Should Learn Wilderness Survival SkillsMost preppers look at wilderness survival skills as just a useless waste of time. After all you don’t plan on becoming a refugee any time soon, so why take the time necessary to learn a new skill that you may never need? Right?

You spend all your time, money and effort working out a plan, a plan where you and your loved ones will have a safe haven, a retreat stocked with survival food, water, medical supplies, fuel, weapons and ammunition for self-defense and foraging and anything else you could ever need to ensure the survival of you and yours after the poop hits the fan. So why learn seemingly unnecessary primitive survival skills?

After all one of my constant ramblings in the pages of this blog, is to never ever become a refugee. And I stand by my advice, do everything in your power not to become a hopeless starving refugee. But I am also a firm believer in Murphy’s Law; which states if anything can go wrong it will.

Who knows you could very well lose your retreat and supplies to government thugs, remember Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge Idaho? If a government agency wants your retreat and supplies they can and will take it – and according to “the law” they will have a legal right to take it.

Sure you can put up a fight, you might even take some of the mongrels with you, but in the end they will kill you and take what you have. I think that this will be the number one threat to our survival, even more so than starving neighbors. Our only chance is to stay hidden out of sight of the government cross-hairs.

And not only the federal government backed jackbooted thugs, but local law enforcement also. If they know that you have a stockpile of food and gear, after a disaster they will come and take it! You know for the good of the “town” meaning their own families. This will be our biggest threat post SHTF. Count on it!

And then the ever present danger of fire can not be overlooked.

What about that candle you left burning as you fell off to sleep while reading that old back issue of penthouse magazine. I know you read it for the information packed articles but that didn’t stop that darned house cat from jumping on the table and knocking it over while you slept, starting a fire which turned your retreat into a pile of ash.

Thank God for those smoke detectors, or you would have never awakened in time to get out with only the clothes on your back – you do have battery-powered smoke detectors…right. Now what will you do?

And what about the raiding parties that are sure to form after a long-term collapse for the sole purpose of robbing, raping and killing? You just might be able to defend your retreat, stopping a well planned attack. But then again you could very well be forced to head for the hills to save your life and that of your family.

The point is life is uncertain. We never know what will happen or when it will occur, so we as preppers need to plan the best we can for Murphy’s Law. Have a plan to back up your backup plan. Think what if this or that where to happen and base your survival plan accordingly.

One way to go about learning outdoor survival skills is to divide it all into parts. Spend one month learning each survival skill category. Shelter building and fire making, trapping and tracking, wild plants and water procurement, primitive weapons construction and so on. In this way you mind doesn’t become side tracked trying to learn it all at once.

And don’t forget the importance of caching life saving supplies around your area, this way you have something to fall back on. Just something to think about as you try to fall asleep tonight…

You can download a free copy of the U.S. Army Survival Manual here.

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