Why Do They Hate?

Why Do They Hate?


Who are They, Who are we?  They are the people who perpetually vote for individuals who are opposed to common sense.  They are the people who wish to unravel our nation and turn into some antithetical negative copy of the former USA.  I don’t want to call names, but there seem to be plenty of America haters to go around these days.  Then there is the WE.  We Are The People…the ones spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.  We are the people who believe that we have no master but God, and wish to be master of none but our own destinies.  We are the stubborn sovereign people who still cling to our bibles and our guns, but despite what some claim…really have no antipathy toward anyone.

George W. Bush was in office.  They hated us.  Barrack Hussein Obama is in office.  They hate us.  There’s a shooting rampage that is completely alien to us, because we don’t have any inclination toward meaningless, and random violence, and the ones who do, are blaming us.  They were calling our Vietnam Vets baby killers and professing to hate violence while attacking the vets and fighting for abortion.  It is perpetual and odd.  They look down their noses at our Wal-mart Shopping ways because they shop at expensive stores and then tell us we have no compassion for the poor?  Everything they say and do seems disjointed.

They ridicule our lifestyle because we don’t eat caviar or go to avant-garde art exhibits with desecrated religious artifacts.  We are considered by them to be somehow backwards and bigoted.  They discuss classes…middle class, upper class, upper middle class, etc, but forget that most of us move around a bit because this is America.  It is that cosmopolitan enlightened crowd who recently discovered that racism is wrong and they want to remind all of us poor ignorant people out here that they know it now.  Well, guess what morons…Middle America knew that a long time ago.  Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN from ILLINOIS!    But these nouveau enlightened are out there, and they really hate the low-class, low-wage individuals in this country…YOU KNOW, the ones who still believe in America.

It is funny because if you consider the rare instances in history where liberty was hard earned, it rarely lasts very long.  The reason is explained in the bible, when the people cried out for a king in Israel.   God asked Samuel to warn them that they would not like what they would receive because at that time when they were free…God was their king.  The people felt that they needed someone to punish their enemies.  At first, I thought this meant that they wanted a King to lead them in battle on the field…but then after a while of studying this crowd in Washington…I realized…nope.  They wanted someone to punish their fellow countrymen of whom they had developed a disdain.

The people of Israel instructed Samuel to get them a King despite the horrible things that Samuel told them would happen.  God explained to Samuel to give them what they had wanted because the people had rejected God, who had been their king.  And so, Israel became a Monarchy like all of the adjacent kingdoms.  Saul was ordained as their King.  JOY!  So was it jealousy that lead to Israel becoming a Monarchy?

Not Really.

The wicked hate the righteous.  They fear that they will be reminded of their wickedness, and despite how disinterested someone who is righteous might be in the behavior of the wicked, the wicked hate seeing others leading better lives.  Righteousness often leads to better habits.  It creates differentials.  You can have wicked people and evil people raised in the same circumstances in the heart of a slum.  Most often only one person is still there in the end.  Wickedness detracts from a persons probability of success.  If wickedness leads to reward…it is usually because the wicked person choose politics.  Wickedness is destructive and time consuming.  It creates habits that are self centered and perpetual.  Addictions to sex, pornography, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and criminal behaviors are all destructive and time consuming.  ( ie : My own personal positive outlook on life has improved incredibly since I quit smoking!  we all have vices, and often don’t recognize their destructive nature until we step away from them. )

I am not saying that religious people can’t be wicked.  The proof  is abundant that isn’t the case.  I am not saying that there aren’t righteous pagans.  Please understand that behavior is either wicked or it isn’t.  I believe that rewards in this life are based on our behavior, and I haven’t made it to the next life yet…so rewards there are hearsay for me.  ( I’ll Prolly Have some ‘Splainin to do! )  Regardless of that though, people know when they are being wicked.  They lie to themselves about it at first until they can lie to everyone else flawlessly.  They lead themselves into a substandard existence.  They are searching for what others have and they don’t understand who their enemy really is.  They can’t look in the mirror at themselves to affix blame.  That hurts.  Wicked people have incredible self pity and sensitivity.  They look for someone else to blame for their decisions.  Who could that be?  Well…usually it is someone who is doing well.  They search for ways to punish the people who have caused their misery, because without those people…their wickedness wouldn’t have had the consequences it has had.

They hate the righteous because they want to deprive people of their rights, their humanity and their human dignity.  They want to see us broken, and broke and punished.  They believe it is justice, or revenge.  V for Vendetta…the characteristic of the occupy movement.  They want us to acknowledge them as brilliant and wise, when in fact we are blessed with a vision that allows us to see their lies…whether it is when we speak of the Constitution or when we speak of the truth of Morality…they hate that anyone could believe that there is a truth…because they want everything to be as they say.  Unfortunately for them, there are an awful lot of people out here who are asking them to prove what they say, and that has proven problematic for them, hasn’t it?

They Hate Truth, They Hate Righteousness, and They Hate the Fact that You Have the Right to Protect yourself.


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