Where to Go?

Where to Go?

As I have mentioned in previous articles I’ve written I am considered one of the “survival in place” crowd but what we are talking about today is the decision to bail. With the impending peril of you and your family if you stay in place you have made the command decision to bug out, I figure motel 6 and the days inn will be full, so where do you go?.  

There are many differing opinions on this matter and I encourage you to seek the advice of people you trust. There are going to be as many opinions as you have questions and each scenario will spark another factor in the results of each decision so beware of absolutes and just think it through. Some will be quick to say that you need to prepare an offsite premise before these scenarios ever occur. Well LA TI freaking da Mr Money bags if you have the ability to do so then more power to you. The majority of us have our hands full maintaining one alpha site oops, I meant home and garden area. If you wish to outfit a secondary (beta) site then keep it simple.

 If at all possible beta should mirror your alpha site as closely as possible! You should storehouse the same items at both sites as well as store them in the same manner. Most people will not have as much cached at the beta site as they do at camp alpha but try to maintain the same materials and goods in your inventories as this will keep you familiar with the items you are using and limit the amount of surprises thus reducing your anxiety.


One of the things we can learn from the big chain stores is that people feel more at ease when they are in familiar surroundings. That is why they design and layout their stores in the same manner. Do you ever wonder how you can go to a Wal-Mart, K-mart, Target or any major department store no matter the city or state and navigate your way through the store with relative ease? It is because they have the same basic layout as every other store in the massive chain of stores across the world. They have invested millions of dollars in study after study to solve the psychological mysteries of the humanoid species. Who am I to argue with the layout? My toilet paper is in roughly the same spot every time go back so I guess they have to be doing something right because as I said I keep going back.

We will use their multimillion dollar research studies to tell us the same thing my Grandmother always told me when she wanted me to pick up my room and I quote “everything has a place and everything in its place”! Familiarity and comfort could prove valuable given the reason you are there in the first place is probably because something undesirable has happened. By following this logic, any advantage you can give yourself in the time of preparation will surely benefit you in the time of crisis. The motivational words “you play like you practice” was a drilled into me early in life by my coach then it pertained to sports but little did I know he was teaching me valuable lesson in life, thanks coach Murray you were the Man!

As stated I am a Survival in place guy and I am a firm believer in networks. I believe there are specific uses for a community and can be applied in this Bug Out scenario. I use networks to help facilitate my journey from point A to point Z. I have often spoken about your community and the people in it. Read “Assets to you inventory” if you want to learn more. I for one do not maintain a specific beta site the logistics for me is impractical. Maintaining two properties for me is just too expensive so I take a more practical approach to this particular rabbit hole. I have a network setup of people and I maintain a cache of goods and inventory at their properties and in turn allow them to maintain inventories at my location if they wish.

This may seem foreign to some because it goes against the grain of mine, mine, mine, so be it. These are strategically placed location and I maintain the inventory as well as keep a current record of inventory and check it every time I am visiting. The beauty of this particular form of networking is that each and every one of us can utilize it in one form or another. Yes you guessed it my network is of friends and relatives. Some in my network do not share my level of preparedness but what’s the harm in leaving four or five sealed tubs in their attic, closet or in an out building with the items I have chosen.

It seems most people have people they can trust and seem to like them enough to do exactly what I am doing all over the country. Be selective in the ones you chose to help you in your endeavors and you could have a pretty diverse network of caches throughout the country if you wish. Should you concern yourself with the loss of these items due to fire or theft then I suggest you take out renters insurance its reasonably cheap way to protect your items. I for one do not store items that I couldn’t afford to lose at these sites. Remember this method is just getting me from point A to point B ultimately then to point Z.

After outlining the previous thought I am immediately asked well what I would store at these locations. That is another personal decision. I have heard of some elaborate caches people have set up but as for me I have caches at several different strategic locations and they were relatively in-expensive to set up. Of course it depends on the items you place in the cache as to the actual cost. Some cache clothes but what if you gain or lose weight will they fit besides they should also be in your BOB? Some people talk about a weapons cache but I think that is a pretty risky proposition for many reasons and is expensive to say the least.

What you cache is your business but for me I think there is a simple rule. I try to adhere to and it is simply what do I need to survive? The basics to life again they are  water, food and air that’s really it. So I try to cache dried foods and potable water remembering that they both have expiration dates thus the need to maintain and to rotate the inventory. I do have a couple of changes in clothes I wear and store XLm because IF SHTF im not gonna gain weight and the XL size should always fit and I could incorporate this size  in layers. There are other basic items that I maintain in these sites to insure that I have them along the way. These kits primarely look like my primary 72 hour kit for simplistic purposes each one basically the same.   I mapped out the locations of these cache houses and should we have to do a quick evac of our alpha site we would move towards them utilizing our evacuation plan with due diligence. it is important to note I also have an agreement with them, that should the disaster occurrence appear closer to their location they are to use that “72 hour BOB” to keep them safe and assist them in the evacuation from the event. it is also important to note that I only leave these kits at locations that are somewhat agreeable to prepardness to one degree or another. I do discuss with them the plan for obvious reasons. Then you ask the question “but how do we get there”? Well read on.

Salty Dawg

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