What in the …..A Gun Control poem?

   This was sent to a  radio host on a show we pick up via Iheart radio. He hosts a good show on a very reputable radio station. I would mention his name and the radio station but as he dislikes unpaid advertisements or what is called “FREE PLUGS” on his radio station I feel certain he wouldn’t want me to give him a freebie as not to appear hypocritical.

This is a good poem Not all mushy and crap just to the point and precise. I will post this like it is on his site.


  Sent to me by “Phil” an avid listener.  This could be this year’s “Night Before Christmas”!


Every time some nut activates a trigger,

The desire to diminish the Bill of Rights grows bigger.      

Instead of thinking how the victims might have won,

Demented minds focus on controlling the gun.       

Now our Founding Fathers knew the danger of guns,

Having lost so many friends, brothers, and sons,      

But to the people they still granted this power,

So criminals and governments could not make them cower.     

 And while guns often accompany a crime,

Other instruments are used a good part of the time:     

Like a truck and fertilizer, a box cutter and a jet,

And no one proposes a ban on these yet.      

There’s the car and the water at ol’ Chappaquiddick,

And O. J. and his knife, now those were pathetic.      

And liquor and drugs steal our daughters and sons,

At a much higher rate than people with guns.     

 But the difference between these other devices,

And the one whose existence is in such a crisis,       

Is that the one with bullets and sights,

Is granted to us in our own Bill of Rights.      

So before you violate The U.S. Constitution,

 You’d better consider its authors’ resolution.      

For the reason they wrote Amendment # 2,

Was to control the power of politicians like you!  

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