Water, water, but still not a drop to drink.

I found this article from a site I have come to despise because he engages in fear mongering tactics and it seems his major objective as of late is profiteering from Beginner Preppers. In spite of that sometimes he reverts back to the original form and comes out with an article that has great information if you can stomach the through the County Fair Carney atmosphere. I took the liberty to take out all the apocalyptic fear mongering tactic sales crap leaving the valid information for you to read. I will give you the original post If you will email me and request it. Please Note we did not write this article only commented on it. It has good information and helpful to the Prepper community but we did alter it by taking out the Garbage. WE will attribute the  Author if sent a request. Now that the legal Shit is over Please enjoy the article.

Water, water, everywhere–and not a drop to drink.

For many, that will be the common cry of despair after they’re hit with a major disaster that wipes out utilities in their area.

Whether it’s mud, raw sewage, road runoff, chemicals, or salt, knowing how to make water drinkable can quickly mean the difference between survival and suffering or even death.

Most people throw around stats like, “You can live for 3 days without water.” < THAT’S A MYTH! and believing it could cost you your life in a survival situation.

“3 days” is only the case if you happen to be in a situation where you can kick back and relax while your blood turns to thick sludge and your organs start shutting down from dehydration.

But if you are in a survival situation…one where you actually need your muscles to work and where you need your critical thinking skills, the clock winds down MUCH quicker.

Just think about sporting events where athletes cramped up…or where spectators got heat exhaustion or heat stroke…after only MINUTES of activity or a couple of hours of cheering. That’s a far cry from the “3 days” number.

You see, you can become “combat ineffective”, or as I like to call it, “survival ineffective” and die from dehydration induced mistakes MUCH faster than your organs will shut down due to dehydration.

It’s because of this that you should be knowledgable about details in purification and filtration both for store-bought and field water in a disaster situation. There are several books on making water drinkable in an urban environment after a disaster. and lord knows there is billions of web sites out there on the Interweb that can instruct you but with all the mis-information please try the methods you choose prior to any situation that you would need it.

In case you’re wondering about water in wilderness areas, let me put it to you this way–If you know how to purify water that you are likely to find in an urban environment, wilderness water purification will be a breeze.


If you think your cute little camping filter or iodine tablets are going to do you any good against urban pollutants, you’ve got a nasty surprise waiting for you.

The information you choose should also cover how to find water in urban settings as well as unique strategies for hiding/storing water when space is a concern.

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