Vinegar??? Who Knew??

It is funny how this article came about. It seems I was writing an article about the Miraculous Water Displacement formula 40 commonly known as WD40. For all those who claim I think I know everything I was writing professing just how much I did not know about something I used everyday. In the course of writing the WD 40 article on a whim looked up salt no real reason just made and inquiry on salt and voila there were pages filled with information on uses for salt which prompted another article on the uses of salt.

I was amazed at how many uses that I had not known of or had forgotten about when it came to everyday products we take for granted. It seems with this old Pirate crew mate being a Confirmed GEEK and always following something shiny and new I had forgotten the ways of old like Salt and The 40. I over heard Cpt. Morgan and The Blue Duck commenting on a Vinegar that was considered gourmet.

As a Sea faring Mate I sure loves me some Malt Vinegar! I am not used to any “Gourmet” vinegar nor to my knowledge have I tried any vinegar that was considered  gourmet. I have been perfectly fine with a fellow pirate captain that goes by the name of Capt. LJ Silver, have you heard of him? He offers a pretty good version of Malt Vinegar in my opinion. 

When we are on a plunder run and if the galley’s fish is questionable then we add more malt vinegar pirated from Silver’s private stash.  However, much to my surprise they even have taste testing events that you can go to and taste the differing varieties of vinegar. Seems there is not just White, Cider and Malt vinegar.


I pictured thar be a bunch of high thinking, well to do ladies raising their pinky fingers in the air tasting Vinegar and snacking on a cracker to clear the palette preparing  themselves for the next taster round. I also image the myself at this high brow event provoking a gasp from the ladies when I took shooter’s of that high dollar vinegar and saying “that’ll do” as I wipe my mouth on Kerchief, Yes a kerchief it went with the outfit mates!  After all I would be dressing proper for this occasion cause we  can’t be having you folks thinking we Piratey types ain’t civilized social creatures burping and scratching and such.

After chuckling to myself I quickly searched Vinegar and BAM there it was an entire institute dedicated to vinegar. An entire Institute dedicated to the uses of Vinegar. I bares repeating because I didn’t believe it myself. Someone dedicated their time into creating an entire institute of Vinegar chock full of information surrounding the now legendary Vinegar. So I killed a good 45 minutes reading the different uses for Vinegar. All I really wanted to do was find out about this high dollar Balsamic vinegar they were talking about and then things took a turn and with a “CLICK” then BINGO the mother load of more stuff I didn’t know.

Oh sure I knew it cleaned some stuff like hard water deposits out of the coffee pot. I knew it took some odors out of some stuff  like………well its enough that I knew it! It’s all the other stuff that it is used for that confounded me. I didn’t know that it was this amazing. I compiled a list of uses from several different web sites and divided them up so you can just click what your interested in and then move on to the next category and see if you’re a Vinegar smarty pants. Of Course it also helps shorten the article cause they claim I am long-winded. So click at will and if you know of something that is not listed then send me a note and I will add it and give you credit for the pearl of wisdom!!


1. Cleaning with Vinegar

2. Lawn and Garden

3. Pets

4. General uses

5. Laundry

6. Food Prep

7. Health and Wellness

8. Kids activities

9. Making a quill pen and ink just like our founding fathers used. WE could use it as a history lesson for the So called leaders maybe we can have them write the constitution 100 times so they might understand its value to the American people…. ooops went right, uhhh, read on.

10 Recipes with Vinegar these have been snatched off several web sites, but mostly from the VI site. there are broken up into categories on our recipe page located at the top of the home page, just hover and click the category you wish or read them all at once.

There is a ton of uses for the Vinegar but my favorite is the consumption of the Malt and Balsamic vinegar’s Fancy or Not. Balsamic vinegar is my choice over all because its down right tasty on just about anything that lives in the water and bread or starchy kind of foods like rice. Both malt and Balsamic vinegar are delectable on bread ball known as “Hush Puppies”.  On a side note, do you know why they call them bread balls “Hush Puppies”? I don’t either but they sure do keep this Dawg Quiet when eating them!

Hmmm, …….Hush Puppies,……..Quiet Dawg ……I wonder???????? oh go look it up on the inter web!

I didn’t know about all the uses and benefits of Vinegar nor did I know about all the different types of Vinegar!! In my world there is White vinegar, Malt vinegar and Balsamic vinegar. One to clean with and the others to consume, well there is also “Apple Cider” vinegar that the old Fellas mixed in Moonshine to cut the proof and give it some taste but since I am Angelic by nature I would not really know about that, … Love you Mom ;-)).

Researching this article I read an article from the Vinegar Institute titled “todays Vinegar” this article spoke to the differences of vinegar and the specialty vinegar’s offered.  Dont fear mates I refuse to be one of those pinkie pointers blabbing about the differences of virgin, extra virgin, Italian or “foreign” made vintages and other such nonsense but If  you guys would be on the lookout for a coupon for half off one of those high-priced imports I’d sure appreciate it.  If you have a favorite let me know.


Until we meet again may the wind fill your sails and be at your back! as always you can send your replies to

Thanks for reading

Salty Dawg

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