USDA census is a violation of Fifth Amendment right to remain silent

We got this one from our friends over at Natural News. They have some fells that really stay on top of this and we are thankful.

The  USDA census is, of course, ridiculously invasive and onerous. It places an  enormous burden on farmers to fill out the forms and derive financial numbers  that are, frankly, private information. Legally speaking, the census forms are a  violation of Fifth Amendment rights which say no American shall be forced to  testify against himself.
Beyond the obvious invasion of privacy, census forms have become a frightening system of surveillance where the  government pries into the private lives of innocent, hard-working farmers who  are just trying to make a living by producing honest food. The government will  obviously use this system to try to enforce its National Animal Identification  System (NAIS), a federal animal tagging and tracking system that thrusts an  onerous burden on farmers and ranchers.
The USDA, predictably, claims  your data is all protected. “Once you fill out the Census, your personal  information is protected by federal law. These laws require USDA to keep your  identity and your answers completely confidential,” they claim on their website.  (
But  that’s a complete joke, of course, because in 1791 we were promised a Bill of  Rights that said “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be  infringed,” yet it is routinely infringed by the federal government at every  turn. Obama promised health insurance would become more affordable under  Obamacare, but rates  are actually set to double. The Fourth Amendment guarantees us a right to be  safe in our person and our belongings, yet the  TSA violates that every single day.
Let’s face it: the government  lies. It uses coercion to try to force people to do its bidding. So a  promise by the USDA that all your private financial data will be “protected by  federal law” holds zero credibility. Especially when the top law enforcement  official in the nation — Eric Holder — was himself engaged in illegal  gun running that put thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.  When the government itself becomes the criminals, it’s hard to believe any  promises of confidentiality.
Case in point: The Social Security  Administration once promised your number would “never be used for  identification.” Now it has become the de facto numerical ID of all  Americans, without which you cannot hold a job or open a bank account. Governments LIE and routinely break promises.
People have good  reason not to trust the government with their private data and personal farm  details. In an age when the DHS is arming to the teeth while refusing  to answer questions about why it’s buying enough ammunition to wage a 20-year  war with the American people, we are wise to distrust government promises  from any federal agency, including the USDA which routinely  conspires with Monsanto.
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