Update to Super Daves gun Show

okay fellow Piratey types this is a follow up to the previous post on Super Daves Gun Show.

first let me say many things can hardly stand the strain of scrutiny when having been built up so much by yours truely but they have come through with flags a flying! As promised we were there before 0900 when the doors opened , as a humurous side note all the entry doors had the no weapons stickers on them, that made us chuckle.

so since we got there early we scoped it out through the windows. we laid out our attack pattern and when the doors opened we deployed operation resupply.
Some when left and others went right cause we all had list. Now you may laugh at my list or roll your eyes….it matters not I get distracted rather easily by shiney objects so a list is a must.

But first I must extend my hello’s to the Super Dave of Super Daves Gun show and we exchanged pleasantries and moved on with our respective task. After Paying my money we were off to see the vendors tables.

First one out of the box we got a winner I found the elusive genuine PT908 mag for under 20 dollars I have been in search for over 10 months. Now some will ask why I didnt just buy it off the interwebs? Well if you dont understand the thrill of the hunt then go fiddle with your joystick Jr.

Anyway, after the first win we moved on to the next table this was a huge display of medical stuff. Now I say stuff because its medical equipment and beyond first responder training I dont have a clue. So Captain Morgan stepped up and planted the Pirates Republic flag said I got this.

The rest of us moved on and we found tools, bags, knives, water storage, chest plates( not that we would ever need them of course) and furniture for uh, some non medical stuff. We had great conversations with several vendors of course there were a couple of jack holes but thats to be expected and besides 2 out of bunch is fantastic odds.

Anyway we had a ball and not the one metcalf shows suck! Fun was had by all we found almost everything on our lists and we practised our negotiating skills to create some wonderful bargains. We also made some new acquaintances and are looking forward to keeping in touch.

We would have stayed longer but after about 3 hours in the show I looked up and there was a line of people waiting to come in. Large crowds and The Pirates Republic crew don’t necessarily mix well especially when they havent been fed. So we dragged Morgan away from the medical table and after paying the lady( because apparently the wench wasnt taking any IOU’s today) we got out of there fast and went to cattlemans for some grub but thats another story so………

Thanks to everyone who let us know they were readers and fans of the site. So thanks again and if you get a chance to go to A Super Daves Gun Show then its probably a good bet it ls a good one!

Salty Dawg

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