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Top Essential Oils for Relaxation

by Philip Anderson

Need to relax? Try one of these essential oils for a maximum  relaxation.



In today’s busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find the time to truly  relax. There are many different ways to reduce stress; one area that is  increasingly popular for stress reduction is the field of essential oils.  Essential oils have been used to treat a host of different medical problems for  many centuries. Each oil may be used for a number of different reasons. Here are  the top essential oils for relaxation and stress relief.

Lavender. Lavender oil has been used for relaxation for many  years. A few drops of lavender oil placed on your bedding can help your body  relax and increase your chance of a good night’s sleep. The University of  Maryland Medical Center reports that lavender oil has been proven to reduce  anxiety and promote relaxation. Lavender oil is particularly useful for  relaxation, as it can be used in many different ways. You can use it as a  massage oil or add a few drops to a bath to help create a relaxing lather.

Chamomile. According to the University of Maryland Medical  Center, there are two different plants known as chamomile (German or English),  but both are used to treat the same ailments. A small number of studies in the  United States have demonstrated that chamomile capsules may reduce the symptoms  of anxiety, and chamomile tea is a popular alternative to traditional tea.  Chamomile oil can be used to soothe irritated skin or can be added to bathwater  to help you relax.

Neroli. Neroli oil is derived from the flowers of the  Seville orange tree. It has a fresh, citrus scent and is a popular aromatherapy  oil for relaxation and massage. Neroli oil is recommended as a massage oil and  is particularly effective when used in self-massage, around the neck and temple  area. Add neroli oil to a warm bath to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sandalwood. Sandalwood oil is extracted from pieces of wood  from mature sandal trees, preferably from samples that are 80 years or older.  The more mature the wood, the richer the content of the oil. Sandalwood oil has  been used by many civilizations and is particularly prized in the Hindu  religion. The oil is a natural sedative, helping to relax muscles, nerves and  blood vessels. It can be used during massage or added to a bath to help relax  your body.

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