Hello, first let me introduce myself. My name is Draco and I’m on The Pirates Republic staff as a writer and product tester.

I am writing this article for all of the kids who think their prepper parents are crazy. Now, to me, there are three different types of “crazy” in the world.

There is “You’re so crazy that you need to be put in a padded room in a hospital.” this is not so good, right?

Then there is the “You’re crazy!” simply being silly makes this “crazy” necessary,

and then there is our favorite “You’re so crazy about preparedness!” type of crazy.

Now my parents firmly reside under two types of crazy: 1st “You’re crazy!” and 2nd “You’re so crazy about preparedness!” I also fall under both of those categories. I guess the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree! Now you’re probably thinking, “WOW, I don’t need to be thinking about this. It’s SO unimportant. And, blah, blah, blah”. The fact is, you SHOULD be thinking about this. It IS important, and you need to start understanding what is happening because this affects you too. Kids are often overlooked as to what they are thinking or feeling but we do think and we do feel.

Talk to your parents. Participate in whatever they are doing. Go camping, hiking and whatnot. DO it! It’s good for you!!!

As you may know I have basically been a prepper in training for mostly all my life. So, I’ve been camping, hiking, traveling, exploring and more. I’m still a kid, and I am constantly being made of aware of my surroundings and aware of what my life may be in the future. I suggest that you do the same. My parents teach me to be prepared so I am not making decisions with a panicked state of mind.  I would also suggest that you watch the news. Yes, I know that you may watch some of the news and get bored, or see something horrid and want to shut the T.V. off, but this is also good for you. You NEED to know what’s going on out there in our world. There are GOOD and BAD people out there and you need to know about them. Ask your parents what is going on and why it is happening. Ask if they have a plan and if they do ask if we need to practice that plan. We can encourage them to continue looking out for our well-being. It also lets them know that we support them and appreciate what they are doing for us. It also lets them know we don’t always think they are weird, they seem to like that.

Salty Dawg did an article recently about the crime rates in Detroit and other things “Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, lock up your family, and fear for your lives!”. Also in that article, Salty talks about how thieves are RIPPING gold (or what looks close enough to gold) chains OFF OF PEOPLES NECKS!! IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!! We need to know these things, so that way we know what to do. We also need to watch the weather with our parents too! For example, Hurricane Sandy and people were ORDERED to evacuate two weeks before the Hurricane hit and yet people stayed and begged for help afterwards. But, some of the people who stayed were preppers and because they were prepared they survived with little disruption of their lives and they also helped their neighbors out as well. I wonder if any of those neighbors called them crazy after they got help from them?

They watched the weather and they prepared.  Or, if you live in tornado alley or anywhere else with tornadoes, prepare for a tornado! They are as equally as devastating as hurricanes are (maybe a little less but you know what I mean.)!! If you have a tornado shelter, whoopee for you, but you still have to prepare. If you have prized possessions, and you’ve got, oh I don’t know, 10-20 minutes? What will you take into the shelter with you? This is your plan and you can practice this plan.

Do you have enough water to last 72 hours or more? What about food? HUH?? What do you have down there in the shelter that could sustain you and your family for 72 hours or more? WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? Something could fall on the door and you may not be able to get out quickly and you may have to wait until help arrives.  It’s something to think about and it’s something you can do. Talk with your parents; make tornado evacuation plans just like you do with fire evacuation. Plan what you are going to take with you into the shelter, and all sorts of stuff. Just do it in advance, because it will help you be PREPARED.  Continuing to run drills will help you stay prepared. I hope this was helpful and if you wish to comment please do so (also, as a side note, parents, when you’re done reading this please let your kids read this. It’s not for parental use only, it’s for kids too).

And so we go…. Because, under a black flag, we shall sail. The PiratesRepublic ROCKS!!


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