The Four Pillars of Prepper Food

Food storage is a Four tiered approach in my opinion. first Growing you’re own garden is an absolute pillar to food Storage and sustainability. History tells us we can’t stop there, after all what happens when a long term drought plagues us or extreme heat is relentless? Right? No food from your garden so then what?

Well if you were smart and I know all of you are you would have put back some of the blessing from your garden by canning. that too alone is enough to get you by for a while and should be considered another pillar of you food sustainability success! how about Shelf stable foods such as freeze dried foods already packaged? This in my opinion should be yet another pillar of your food foundation. you can get them it seems like everyone has a offer thesedays. We even sell Freeze dried food as well as MRE’s at our store “Not Just Food”. Three pillars maked for a wobbley foundation though don’t you think?

Bulk Foods should offer up the final pillar of your food foundation these two can be purched at Retailers as well as our “Not Just Food” Store but this isnt just about the opportunity to sell something. It is about understanding that not one thing is the end all be all of food storage. One thing will not fill your every need. We are Preppers and a famous saying is two is one and one is none. We have back up’s for our back up’s. in order to maintain after a catastrophic event occurs we must be able to continue on.

I was watching an episode of Jericho the other evening and it portrayed a corn field that “May” have been exposed to radiation. what if that happened to your garden? The scenerio being that your garden is near ripe and almost ready for picking and you wake up smelling something piculiar in the air. It maybe a petroleum smell, or something a little sweeter smelling but definately a chemical of sorts. Will you eat it? Just wash off whatever it was?

Is that all you had planned to have to feed your family? Same scenerio and lets say that you had oh say a years worth of Shelf stable food. You wouldnt have to risk it and could wait it out by having that extra policy of NO PANIC food you could last until next growing season or have the crop tested. There is many possibilities but the most important fact is you will not have to panic trying to decide where the next meal is coming from.

the neat thing that i think is worth mentioning is that most people believe that when it comes to food it is an either or option. I say NAY! it can be and should be used in conjunction with each other. For example you can use Pasta Dishes from an MRE in conjunction with some canned meats. You can open a jar of canned tomatoes and a package of Freeze Dried Tomato soup and mix them. Heck, you need water to rehydrate the Freeze Dried Food anyway use the water that you canned the tomatoes in the first place how more tomatoey does it get?

you can use the canned vegatables from the garden to rehydrate the freeze dried vegatables from your store house.  Likewise with bulk food stored in buckets. this is foods you can eat while you use the Packaged food to barter with or use as payment for testing the garden crops.

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