The Five Principles of Preparedness Part Two – Phil Burns

The Five Principles of Preparedness

Part Two

By Phil Burns of APN

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Principle Two


Debt can be crippling and crushing to a family, making them unable to move forward due to the demands of making payments on things they potentially don’t even own anymore.  Seek to become Independent from debt!  Learn to abhor the idea of being forced to labor and earn money that is not yours as a consequence of choosing to “live a little better” by going into debt.  Living independently means being free to choose what is pertinent for you and your family to do with your money. As you avoid going into debt and gain greater control of your money, establish savings that will grow and serve you as you become the master of your money.  Learn to budget and responsibly manage your money as it is a very powerful tool to either enslave or empower you.

You can begin to build wealth while you’re getting out of debt by putting together a wise plan like the ones Dave Ramsey teaches in his Financial Peace University. Independence doesn’t just mean money though.  Seek to be Independent of the influences of the world such as; caffeine, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, un-healthy yet addictive food, medications (where possible) and so on.  All of these things not only make you a personal slave to addictions, it also indentures your wallet to spending wasteful amounts of money to satiate your personal weaknesses.

Strive to become Independent of all these things and you will not only find a healthier you, you will also increase your income as you free a daily outgo to servicing your demons. Live Independent of the entrapping influences of society as much as possible.  Free your mind of thinking you need a better looking car, a prettier house or better clothes.  Do what works for YOU, not what you think others will think highly of.  Live independent of the fear of judgement of others and become secure in your own person.

There seems to be a farcical belief in our society that we should appear as wealthy as possible.  The idiocy of this belief is that it fails to take into account just how damaging it is to our self-esteem, our lives and our livelihood.  Break free of these childish societal ‘norms’ and live a life independent of the influence of advertisers, marketers and peer pressure! Prepper families who learn to live independently will find themselves prospering greatly – in ways that may not be apparent to the enslaved masses of society.


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