The Five Principles of Preparedness Part Three – Phil Burns

The Five Principles of Preparedness

Part Three

By Phil Burns – APN

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Principle Three

Learn, Explore, Do.

Manage your circumstance to your advantage, be enterprising and fully explore opportunities that come your way.  Seek always to discover ways to create benefit to you and your family.  When opportunity presents itself, work hard at redefining and reshaping yourself, your position and your knowledge to be worthy of the success that opportunity can provide.  Be resourceful, always looking for a new way to create what you need in order to succeed. Common ways to be industrious include furthering your education – your whole life – and constantly working to develop new skills.  By exploring opportunities, we are able to assess their potential, weigh risk and make a decision as to whether our conclusions merit committing to an opportunity or walking away from it.  By improving ourselves constantly, we open up even more opportunity that can potentially bring success.

Idly standing by and waiting for success to land in your lap is a poor strategy.  Being industrious means getting up and attempting something – even if it has the potential to fail.  The Farmer who fails to put in a crop because he doesn’t think there was enough snowfall during the winter loses out when spring rains finally bring plenty of water.  When you commit to something, work hard at it, throw in everything you’ve got.

Getting up and going is truly the only way to end up somewhere else. Preppers who industriously seek out opportunity will soon find the one that will create a change in the direction their lives have been heading.


Strive Towards Self Reliance


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