The Five Principles of Preparedness Part Four – Phil Burns

The Five Principles of Preparedness

Part Four

By Phil Burns – APN

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Principle Four

The Principle of Self reliance

The Principle of Self reliance is predicated by, and builds upon the first three principles.  They are unavoidably intertwined and interdependent.  Self Reliance is, in its simplest form, being able to create or provide all needed things  as the result of labor using a developed skill or talent and being able to provide resources as a result of a judicious practice of storing needful things.  Therefore, becoming Self Reliant is the actual process of developing skills and talents while putting away resources. When combined with Thrift and Frugality, Self Reliance is providing needed things for yourself that you would otherwise have had to pay money for such as; growing a garden, sewing or repairing clothes, building furniture, building a home, fixing your vehicle and so on.

It is being willing to enjoy the fruits of your labor versus the blandness of buying something commercially produced.  It is accepting things for their functionality, not for the logo that was stamped on them in a plant somewhere.  It is being willing to use something that may be less than perfect in its manufacture but is pure in intent and purpose, knowing that the next one you create you will be able to work out flaws and produce something better. Self Reliance, when combined with Independence, drives us to be truly reliant on ourselves in all areas.  It teaches us to discover a vocation where we are able to create an expandable income using our talents and labor instead of falling into a career where our income is constricted by salaries and our progress in hindered by being boxed into a job description.

A truly independent person creates income opportunities for themselves and others while staying free and clear of debt and interest.  A Self Reliant person builds their own storage and is not dependent on a grocery store to be stocked and operational for them to feed themselves and their family. Your Industriousness should not be just financially motivated.  Self Reliance is the act of being free of needing others, including companies, the government, or your community to provide for or support you.  It is learning how to; make soap, grow your own food, provide your own energy, defend yourself, create the things you need and so on.

It requires research, learning, experimenting, failing, experimenting more and finally succeeding – in gaining a new skill, accomplishing something new or developing a new vocation.  An industrious and self-reliant person is truly a creator and experiences the joy of creation on a daily basis. A Prepper who begins to become Self Reliant experiences a mental shift and begins to see things such as a grocery store as a warehouse that is utilized to stock up their own storage.

Aspire to have a year’s supply of every needful thing



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