The Five Principles of Preparedness Part Five – Phil Burns

The Five Principles of Preparedness

Part Five

By Phil Burns

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Principle Five

Becoming truly Self Reliant

The natural outgrowth of becoming truly Self Reliant is to feel compelled to store things up that are essential for our family’s ensured safety, comfort and existence.  Every needful thing teaches us to consider the possibility of storing up a supply of every item that we purchase which we truly need.  What is a need?  Simply put, it is something that it would be difficult or impacting to have to live without.  This includes; food, clothing, water, heat, power, home medical supplies, fire starters, light and so on. It is obviously not prudent to just purchase a year’s supply of every needful thing.

Instead, it is a goal that is pursued relentlessly by the Self Reliant Person and is adjusted for each item of consideration.  For example, it is quite inexpensive and easy to acquire a years supply of ketchup – at most a family will probably use 2 bottles a month.  Therefore, purchasing 24 bottles would give you a years supply.  However, a year supply of something like water, which is consumed every day, requires a very different approach.  It is not feasible to store a year supply of water unless you have your own water tower.  There are other options available though which include such things as; drilling a well, installing a rain catchment system, being situated near a body of water.  Several of these options would require filtering the water that you acquire.  For the money spent on a filtering system, such as a Berkey filter, it becomes prudent to purchase filtering capability for the system that will last several years.

Each item is adjusted in quantity and time by its own consideration. One year is not a magic number.  It is, however, a measure which provides us with a lengthy buffer to recover from whatever has happened.  It also allows us to be charitable towards others who have fallen on hard times without it creating a severe impact on us.  Imagine an unprepared neighbor or friend having their bread winner incapacitated for a period of time and not being able to provide for themselves.  You are not impacted by their crisis and because you have a year’s supply stored up, you have the opportunity to assist them by opening your storage to them and allowing them to take what they need without it causing you an economic impact and with very little added risk to yourself.

Begin by striving to build up a 3 month supply, then double it and double it again.  Once you’ve accomplished the first three months, you will have an idea of the amount of time and money it will take to acquire a year’s supply. The Prepper who is striving to build a year’s supply of every needful thing will experience a dramatic reduction in stress and inverse increase in peace as they begin meeting goals on the path to achieving this principle. The impact of living The Principles of Preparedness When teaching these Principles, the question is inevitably asked “What if nothing ever happens that I need my supplies for?”.  To which I respond, “That would be wonderful!”.

Most people don’t get it right away, but let’s consider it. Consider if you adjusted your life and lived for years under these principles.  What impact would there be if nothing happened that required you to survive off your stores?  Might it be possible that in following these principles you will have created a new life for yourself that is infinitely better than it would be otherwise?  Would you possibly have spent that time living in peace, without stress and with a much higher level of confidence, satisfaction and self-esteem?  I can testify to you that this is indeed what will happen!  In fact, the mere application of these principles in your life will allow you to weather small crises without them even registering a bump in the continuity of your life.  When you are living a Self Reliance lifestyle with a full year’s supply, not having an income for a month is inconsequential.

If you fully commit to living these principles, do you see how this would be the outcome?  Would that serve you to be able to live that way? Consider also that as you develop a year supply of every needful thing, you are to live off of that supply.  You don’t just package things up and leave them in a corner to gather dust.  You consume your supply each month and at the end of four weeks, go to the “warehouse” (aka grocery store, etc) and replenish your supply with six weeks worth of what was consumed.  This allows you to continuously grow your storage with little to no visible impact to you.  And, if times are tough financially, you can extend to 8 or 12 weeks without it stressing your family. As you become these Principles, you will experience breaking free of the slavery of debt, a ‘career’, of “keeping up with the Jones’s” and most importantly, the stress of trying to live month to month.  What you will find instead is that you are able to fully experience life and truly enjoy the blessings of your family. All the while knowing that the secret to a happy life is wrapped up in a little concept called being a “Prepper”!

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