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The dark zone



I penned Shock the System: Just one example of how the government could lose a civil conflict. It was a warning of how patriots could selectively shut down the capitols of states and nations by eliminating the electrical substations and residential transformers that service those cities. Though I stated nothing new either tactically or strategically (power stations were always the first targets of bombers and saboteurs dating back to before World War II), the post absolutely terrified the powers that be. Hershel Smith at The Captain’s Journal referenced that article in Surviving The Apocalypse: Thinking Strategically Rather Than Tactically three days ago, in a continuation of his thoughts on tactics for “lone wolf”operations in a domestic insurgency. He referred back to a post he wrote almost two and a half years ago, A Terrorist Attack That America Cannot Absorb, which discussed attacks on the main step-up transformers at coal power plants.


Unlike the residential transformers and smaller substations I discussed in Shock the System that would create short-term, comparatively isolated blackouts, the sort of attack that concerned Smith were well-coordinated attacks that would effectively strike a blow against the entire national grid, by knocking-out the system at the points of generation, taking out very rare pieces of equipment that would take years to replace. If attacks took out even a small number of step-up transformers, it would force the entire nation to ration power, and would have a crippling effect on the national economy. Some people seem appalled at the fact that the sort of attacks that American forces have used so successfully overseas (Iraq’s electrical grid is still in the process of recovering from two wars) might be used against American cities… and that is the exact point both Smith and I were trying to make.

Neither of us are advocates of such attacks, as both of us probably have a better idea than the layman of the effect such attacks would have. I’d likely lose several people I love very much who have medical conditions were such an attack to affect this region. these aren’t things we want. these are things we fear. Smith and I are pointing out the fact that if states or the federal government is willing to push citizens into a Second Revolutionary War over the natural right to self defense, they will feel the wrath of the right of revolution that is the birthright of ever American.

America has hundreds of thousands to millions of combat-experienced infantry veterans, many of those who are still young and combat effective. Does anyone think these men who swore a lifetime oath to protect the Constitution with their lives will sit in their homes and wait to be taken out one-by-one if government forces start breaking their oaths, carrying out unconstitutional orders? Attacks on the grid would occur to force those government assets into a defensive posture, putting them in a position where they must guard fragile infrastructure assets instead of carrying out raids. That such attacks would also demonstrate how weak the government really is may or may nor help a patriotic insurgency in the political arena. That’s rather beside the point.

Everyone will suffer in such scenarios, but the government will eventually fall to the realities of raw, basic math. There are more who would risk their lives to be free than there are willing to die to deny Americans their liberty. As the criminal-led assault on the Constitution pushes us into an frightening parallel of 1775, we know that the margin of error to avoid a conflict decreases.

We are a nation of divided cultures that no longer speaks the same language, nor shares the same values. I hope and pray that we will find leader who can be the bridge we need to pull us back together, but no such politician is currently serving. Acknowledging what is likely to occur enables us to begin preparing to protect those we care about.

Work for a peaceful resolution until the first shots are fired, but be aware that the government exists now to serve itself, not the people, and they do not share those same concerns, as President Make It Hurt has clearly demonstrated.

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