I normally try to stay away from the Political bullshit and IT is true I cannot stand the state of Shitagan for football reasons at first as My Beloved Irish has been in opposition with those dirty pieces of cheating piles of crap since they developed cognitive reasoning ability from their evolution from the pond scum beginnings. I feel it is a battle between the Benevolence of my Beloved Irishmen of Notre Dame and the evil spawns of satan from the state of shitagan, the only thing these freakish Ass pukes have actually got going for them is the name “Wolverines”. Although I thought I could not LOATH those pathetic piles of human waste anymore than humanly possible but I was incorrect!
Seems they have leaped ahead of the liberal ass clown takers from the state of CAlifornication in succeeding to become the biggest oxygen thieves in our great nation. At first I didn’t believe this article so I went to the website link and clicked on “Forms” and clicked on one of the forms that ended in AR for arabic  and there we have it all the American Tax payers assistance written in sand script. Here is the thing folks I do not care if you are an immigrant and seeking a better life in Our Great Nation But for kripes  sake Asshats learn our language and our Laws!
Now some would say I was being hypocritical. Some would say Hey you Scottish Bastard you are an immigrant too.  Aye, this may be true Lads however, I work, I employ, I save, I prepare, I pay taxes, I depend on Myself and what I create for Myself and My family. I do not stand feckless with my hand out expecting others to care for me. I do not have  children that I am not willing to care for. I do not spout hate for a person because the pigment of skin however I will despise you and call you what you are because of your lack of character!
Press 1 for English; 2 for Spanish & 3 for Arabic!
I tried the number and believe it or not, if you
press 3 the information is in Arabic!!!! Wow!  
I bet you can’t guess what this is  
•إذا كان دخلك الشهري الإجمالي أقل من 150 دولار و 100 دولار أو أقل في الأصول
السائلة )نقود في اليد، الحسابات الجارية أو حسابات التوفير، شهادات التوفير(، أو
•إذا كان مجموع دخلك الإجمالي وأصولك السائلة أقل من مجموع إيجارك الشهري أو
قسط القرض العقاري زائد فاتورة التدفئة والمنافع العامة، أو
•إذا كنت معدوم* الدخل أو أجير موسمي متنقل أو عامل مزارع موسمي ولديك 100
دولار أو أقل في الأصول السائلة.
*المعدوم هو أن يكون دخلك قد توقف قبل تاريخ تقديم الطلب، أو أن دخلك قد بدأ
ولكنك تتوقع أن لا تقبض أكثر من 25 دولار في غضون ال 10 أيام القادمة.
إذا كان أهل بيتك مؤهلاً لمعالجة الطلب في غضون سبعة أيام، فيجب عليك:
•أن تشترك في مقابلة، و
•أن تقدّم إثباتاً بهويتك الشخصية، و
•استكمال عملية الطلب بكامله.
لمواصلة تلقي مخصصات الإعانة الغذائية، سيُطلب منك أن تقدم إثباتاً لمعلومات أخرى
)مثل الدخل، مكان الإقامة، …إلخ(. إذا قمت بإعطاء الإثبات عند التقديم، فيمكن أن تُعطى
فترة أطول من مخصصات الإعانة الغذائية.
المقابلات المعنية ببرنامج الإعانة الغذائية
)Food Assistance Program: FAP(
يجوز التنازل عن إجراء مقابلة وجهاً لوجه وإجراء مقابلة هاتفية في الحالات التي يشكل
ذلك على أهل بيتك مشقة. وتتضمن المشقات على سبيل المثال ولا تقتصر على التالي:
•صعوبات في النقل.
•دوام ساعات العمل الذي يمنع من الاشتراك في مقابلة مكتبية.
إذا كنت تعاني من مشقة وتحتاج إلى إجراء DHS أخبر الأخصائي المسؤول عنك ف
Well, it’s part of the instructions for how to apply for
food stamps in the great state of Michigan .
Read on:
I actually called the Michigan Dept. of Human Services to check this out and it is true.
Have we gone completely nuts!!
Muslim men are allowed to have as many as 4 wives.   Many Muslims have immigrated into the U.S. and brought their 2-3-or 4 wives with them, but the U.S. does not allow multi marriages, so the man lists one wife as his, and signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family on welfare and other free Government programs!
Michigan has the highest population of Muslims in the United States .
 When President Obama took office the United States paid several millions of dollars to have a large number of Palestinians, (All Muslim), immigrated here from Palestine . Why?   We don’t pay for other persons to immigrate here, and I’m sure that some of those Muslims moved into Michigan with the large current number of Muslims already established there.
So now in Michigan when you call the Public Assistance office you are told to “Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic”!   CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF – Here is the number 1-888-678-8914 .
Every time you add a new language to an American program it requires an additional number of persons fluent in that language to process those persons who refuse to learn English in order to live here at an additional cost to the taxpayer!   Why are we even allowing persons to immigrate here who cannot provide for themselves, and putting them in our welfare system?
Press 3 for Arabic.
This is quite alarming!!!   This seems to have happened clandestinely, for, as far as I know, no public announcement, or opportunity to vote on this was offered to the American people.   They’re just adopting an official stance, and very likely using tax-payer money for it, in various capacities, without public knowledge or approval.
The following link takes you into the State of Michigan Public Assistance page,
(as in Food Stamps etc).   You won’t have to scroll far before you see the assistance-letters options for … (get this) … English, Spanish, and ARABIC!!!
When did the ARABIC option sneak into our culture?   Will we soon have to listen to our governmental offices, stores, and other venues offer us the option of “pressing 3 for ARABIC?”
Check it out for yourself.
Please inform every red-blooded American you know, that this is happening.   It is outrageous! The camel’s nose is literally now OFFICIALLY under the tent!

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