Super Daves Gun Show In OKC Baby!!!

We are going to a GUN SHOW fellas!!! We will be sailing our vessel The Black Hound into the Capitol city of Oklahoma The Lovely city of Oklahoma City mates. There we will be attending The Super Dave’s Gun Show. Not to set up a booth but to attend the show and resupply the Pirates Republic H.Q.

Since the last JOKE of a so called gun show ran by the infamous Metcalf and his merry band of carnival acts we were reluctant to venture these waters again but since we were not able to chart a course to the Wannemacher firearms show in Tulsa town this fall we sent out request to all our trusted harbors for reputable Arms shows and one came up repeatedly not only on the forums we frequent but from persons we trust as well.

So I have decided we are going to the show!!!

so I went to with the intent on buying our advanced tickets to take some of the crew to this show. We gotta see for ourselves this show that will redeem the tainted view that was ingrained by the Metcalf folly!

Now because a good Pirate, once he has been hood winked by a scallywag land lubber becomes a careful pirate so I sent a message ahead to The Super Dave and he returned my call and gave me a preview of what we can expect. Seems we are to expect all aspects of merchant there. LOW, Medium and high end as well as super high end rascals offering some really high dollar items. These items are way above a Captain pay so we will just look and smile. Ammo, firearms, prepper, survival (same thing) items will be there. Also some classes regular non piratey folks can sign up for to get them selves some continued education on skills they may be needing in the time of crisis. We wont be selling or representing our long term shelf stable line of foods “GoFoods” cause we want to attend the show not be at the show.

As a result I think we will be there promptly when it opens at 0900 and get a jump on some resupply action! When you see someone with The Pirates Republic logo I hope you will say Ahoy… uh hmm, excuse my Pirate speak just say “HOWDY” I hope to see you there.

Good sailing mates!

Salty Dawg







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