Situational Awareness

Know When you are at risk


The buzz word is

Situational Awareness

This is a real term used today meaning the perception of environmental elements with respect to time and/or space. The comprehension of their meaning and the projection of their status after some variables have changed, such as time. That is the pertinent part of a long definition that left me heading towards nappy time! The long and the short of it is SA is a function of the Human mind in complex, dynamic and/or high risk settings.

Too much geek speak?

Ok, You noticing your surrounding and being aware of any changes that may affect your situation is really genetically inate. as an example most of us have you been somewhere and something happens and you got this weird feeling to exit post haste? Another example if you please, you’re at a party and you having a good time your sporting, styling and profiling and the ladies are digging your vibe and things are going great and it shaping up to be a good night.

Then a fella walks in obviously drunk and being belligerent. He is just being an all around jerk! You are the type of Dawg that won’t tolerate that kinda crap for long but its not your party so you excuse yourself and thank the host for the invitation and you leave.

Later you hear that the jerk started fights with people and the police were called and every participant went to jail because the fight spilled out into the front yard and the neighbors property was damaged because someone just like you we will call him Jim. Jim tried to break up the fight and the drunk dude stumbled into the neighbors car causeing damage. The neighbors who were already ticked off because they don’t like rock and roll and the car alarm interrupted their snuggle session and that was the final straw so charges ere filed and Jim got arrested.

So now Jim is facing a felony charge of destruction of personal property and that wrecks his job, revokes his Conceal carry license and his mug shot picture is released in the local “Who got Busted” paper and his friends are making fun of him because the photo was not at all flattering but all of this could have been avoided if he would have listened to that same small voice that guided you to exit with grace. Long story to illustrate a point to listen to your inner voice. Long story paraphrased, if something feels wrong then it is, don’t guess or reason it out, it is wrong and that’s it! Now act!

The trouble is Situation Awareness has been picked up as the buzz word for prepping community. The Prepping shows use it like a fork when discussing security. The truth is Situational Awareness is a mental discipline involving several different things. Recognizing that you have a ¼ tank of gas and the next refuel station is 200 miles away. This situation requires you to be aware enough to understand that you will never make it there without taking the opportunity to fuel up now.   This is a simple example of Situational Awareness. The fact is most everyone uses Situational awareness every day. It does not have to be that there is a life threatening event starring you in the face before you use it. You use it every day. The light has turned yellow and you choose to slow down instead of rush forward. You turn right instead of going straight on your commute to work because you have a feeling.

If you don’t pay your electric bill you will not have electricity unless you have an alternative energy source. As Preppers we need to be situational aware about a great many things. With that being said Situation Awareness is a learned response, even though we are born with a certain amount of “Gut reaction” we have to learn to recognize it when it happens. We have to learn to trust our feeling as a precursor to an event rather than just a feeling we blow off to “whatever”.

Being aware of our surroundings is what Prepping is all about. I am not talking about the tofu, hippie commune living stuff. I am talking about simple awareness. Aware of people and things in the parking lot as you return from shopping. Aware of your neighbors eyeballing your Preps. I for one have neighbors that no matter what or when I am working on an outside project they just happen to drive by I mean without fail they will slow roll by my shop. Even though it is an outside project I still have natural and Purposed barriers that block the view but it seems that may be why they get so interested in what I’m doing, maybe I should just burn leaves like everyone else.


Again very simple, how can you trust something that you have not recognized it for what it is rather than missing the signal in which you should have listened. I am not saying that you will be the next Nostra – dumbass, I am saying, believe you have it, recognize it and trust that something greater than you is interested in your well being.


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